“Hey,” I heard Drake’s voice behind me.

I turned around and saw him walking fast to come near me.

“Hey,” I greeted him. I remembered Mom and Dad’s words again.

I sighed and when I noticed that he was looking at me, I forced a smile.

“Uh, let’s go together?” I nodded and was about to continue walking when I saw Stephanie stepping out from their van.

Drake stopped too and looked at her.

I continued walking when Stephanie called Drake.

“Hi, Drey!” she smiled. Drake forced a smile and waved at her.

‘Drey, huh?’

It’s a bit odd to see Drake being kind to her. It seems like only yesterday when he was ignoring Stephanie.

Stephanie smirked and walked towards us. She clung to Drake’s arm while still smirking at me.

“Can you accompany me to my room?” she said in a sweet voice. I almost rolled my eyes when I saw Drake nodding at her.

Stephanie looked at me and smiled fakingly.

“Let’s go!” she told Drake.

Drake just sighed and looked at me. “Just wait for me in our room.” He said in a tiring voice.

I just nodded my head and walked passed them.

I don’t understand everything now. It seems like me and Drake have mutual understanding but at the same time he have a relationship with Stephanie.

As I was walking in the hallway, I heard the students murmuring something.

I was about to ignore them when I heard Drake’s name.

“Yes! It was actually Drake who confirmed it!”

“Really? Maybe they will announce it in his birthday?”

“I don’t know but all I know is that, it’s true. Someone saw them in a restaurant and when they asked them about their relationship, Drake confirmed it!”

“I really can’t believe it, Stephanie is so lucky.”

I stopped walking when I heard it.

A conclusion was made in my mind. And this is fucked up.

Drake and Stephanie is dating, that’s for sure. Drake just confirmed it.

What. The. Hell.

Felicity, Drake didn’t told you he liked you so stop dreaming, biatch!

I heaved a deep sigh and calmed myself.

I continued walking until I reached our room.

I sat on my place when Dianne went near me.

“Hi!” she greeted. I smiled and greeted her back.

“Have you heard about the news?” I was confused at first but later realized that maybe it’s about the ‘dating-fucking-story’ of Drake and Stephanie.

“Yeah, I heard it earlier.” She smiled and sighed.

“There’s nothing going on between you and Drake, right?” I laughed at what she said.

‘I wished!’

“Oh! Nothing. We’re just friends, actually.” I even chuckled to stop her from thinking about it.

She smiled after that and replied: “Thank God! He’s—“

“Excuse me,” I low voice interrupted us from talking. I looked up and saw Drake.

He looked worried while looking at me.

“Uh, s-sorry.” Dianne apologized and stood up. She looked at me and said goodbye.

Drake sat down and faced me. “What?” I asked him.

“Y-you heard the news?” I was about to answer him when Mr. Navares went in.

We started our class peacefully while Drake sat beside me feeling uncomfortable.

I ignored him and focused my attention in the discussion.

It was obvious that he wanted to talk to me but I refused to.

When lunch time came, I immediately packed my stuff and faced him. We usually eat lunch together, but not this time. Not ever again.

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‘Why am I so bitter about them?’

I sighed andtold him my plan.

“Ghale told me to be with them this lunch. I have to go.” I forced a smile and left him inside.

I didn’t wait for his answer and immediately walked out only to see Stephanie outside, obviously waiting for Drake.

She was about to talk to me when I ignored her and walked away without greeting her.

“Where are you?” Ghale asked over the phone.

“I’m on my way to the cafeteria.”

After the call, I put my phone down and went straight to Ghale.

I was spacing out while they are trying to talk to me so I won’t be left out to their conversation. I appreciate their patience and their efforts to make it up to me but I’m not in the mood right now.

Lunch time was over but I still haven’t talked to Ghale’s friends formally.

I went back to our room unconsciously.

Professors started their classes normally.

Drake were still trying to talk to me while I am spacing out, big time.

Thankfully, the day was over.

Or so I thought.

“Can we talk?” a hand grabbed my arm.



I sighed and nodded. “I’m giving you 10 minutes.” I told Drake and pulled my arm away from him. He nodded and followed me to the secret garden.

This is the best place to talk to. Unlike when he and Stephanie talked.

When we reached the secret garden, I faced him.

“I, uhm, have something to tell you.” He looked ashamed reason why he turned his head away.

He was scratching the back of his neck while thinking about the right words to say.

“What?” I asked when it took him long to speak again.

“Remember the time when—“

“Drake can you directly tell your point? I have no time for storytelling.” I stopped him.

He looked ashamed and looked down, making me feel guilty.

“Okay, continue. Sorry.” I said so he looked up and smiled.

“Stephanie was my ex. Ex-fiancée to be precise. We were, uh, engaged. Uhm, we’ve been together for like 2 years but something happened.”

“What happened?” I asked curiously.

“We were actually arranged but we fell in love with each other so we agreed.” He stopped and breathe heavily.

‘Ouch, that hurts.’

“We were happy for the first year of our relationship. It was almost perfect, not until I saw her cheating with another man.”

“Things started to get blurry between us. At first, I forgave her because I love her so much that I would swallow my pride despite of what she did.” He swallowed the lump on his throat and calmed himself.

“But I thought she wouldn’t do it again. But I was wrong.”

“She cheated again?” I concluded. He laughed and nodded.

“And you know what’s funny? I forgave her again.” He looked away when tears were about to come out from his eyes.

“Months after that, I thought our relationship were back to normal. But I just found out that the second guy she slept with was my bestfriend, Adryan.” He deeply sighed and looked at me.

I blinked twice while looking at him ridiculously.

My jaw literally fell with what I’ve heard.

‘Adryan was his best friend? And Stephanie cheated on him twice?! What the actual fuck?’

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