“Yes? Who’s this?” I asked the person calling from my phone. It’s an unregistered number but I chose to answer it.

And I don’t know why. Again.

I'm getting weirder and weirder each day!

“Good morning, Fely!” a jolly voice is heard from the other line.

“It this you Drake?” I asked. His voice seems familiar and I think it's Drake.

“You got it right!” he shouted making me pull out my phone away from my ears.

“Where did you get my number? And why are you calling?” I asked him a question again.

“Didn’t you remember the time when I borrowed your phone?” he said sarcastically.

“Oh that—“

“Yes! But that’s not the time when I got your number.” He laughed. My forehead creased. This guy is unbelievable.

“You’re crazy,” I replied. He laughed again and cleared his throat.

“Okay, this is serious. I got your number when you left your phone on my table last Friday.” He said and I nodded like he’s in front of me. “And why did you call?” I asked him.

“Well, it’s Sunday. Wanna go to church with me?” he said with a small voice and I laughed a little. I nod again and answered him, “Sure. Just text me the details.”

He agreed and I put my phone down at the bedside table. I walked to the bathroom to wash my face.

After that, I went downstairs to eat breakfast. I walked slowly while remembering a tiny detail of my dream. Or is it really a dream?

“You killed her!”

“Oh hey, you’re up late.” I heard a voice behind me. I turned around only to see Ghale.

“You’re going somewhere?” I asked her when I noticed that she’s all dress up. She nodded and smiled at me. I replied with a nod and continued walking.

I sat at the breakfast table followed by Ghale. I was surprised to see Dad sitting here with us. It’s like once in a blue moon.

Dad looked at me and smiled a little. I smiled back confused by what just happened.

I thought he’s mad?

“You’ve got plans for today Ghale?” Dad started a conversation by asking a question to Ghale.

Ghale nodded and smiled. “I have a date with my friends.” She replied.

“Oh, that’s great.” Dad said and turned his attention to me.

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“How about you? Got any plans?” he asked. I nodded at him and looked down.

“Uh, I’m going to the church with a friend.” I said in a small voice. “Friend?” he asked curiously.

“Yeah, he’s—“

“And it’s a HE!” he exclaimed making me jumped a little from my seat.

“Didn’t your mother told you to not have friends?” he asked and faces Ghale.

“You didn’t stop her?” he asked Ghale with a ridiculous look.

Ghale rolled her eyes before answering Dad. “Of course I did. Mom found it out and she did nothing.”

“He’s a Montessario?” he turned to me again. I nodded and he let out a sigh of relief and looked at his newspaper again making me look at him confusingly.

“That’s fine Dad?” I asked, doubting his reaction. He looked at me and smiled. “Of course that’s okay. Is this the reason why you don’t want to marry Brx?” I looked at her with a confused expression.

“Who’s Brx?” I asked. His brows furrowed.

It dawned on me when I realized who he is talking about.

“Oh, that guy.” I said. Dad nodded and continued what he’s doing. After eating, I excused myself and walked back to my room.

I received Drake’s message about what time are we attending a mass and where. He told me that he’ll pick me up too so I won’t have to worry.

I just enjoyed myself inside my room until it’s already 3 p.m. I took a bath and prepare for the mass. I chose to wear a knee-length elegant black dress. I partnered it with 2 inches nude heels and I’m done. It’s just a low heel sandal so it is easy for me to walk.

I heard a knock from the door followed by a voice. “Miss, someone is looking for you downstairs.”

“Okay!” I shouted and heard some footsteps walking away. I went down and saw Drake sitting on one of our couches in the living room. He was observing his surroundings when I called him. “Hey,” I said. He looked at me and smiled.

He stood up and went to me. “Hey, let’s go?” he asked and I nodded.

“Why did you suddenly asked me to go with you?” I asked him as I sat in the shotgun seat.

I noticed that this car is not the one he used every time he goes to school.

I think this one is called Lamborghini Veneno while he uses his Aston Martin to go to school.

“Nothing, I just thought that you don’t usually go to church.” He smirked. I slapped his arm earning a groan from him.

“Anyways, you look beautiful.” He complimented and smiled. I bit my lower lip to stop myself from smiling.

So much for liking this guy.

We stopped at Winchester Cathedral. I look at him and untied my seatbelt. He turned towards my seat and opened the door for me. I stepped outside holding my purse.

“Come on,” he said and held my hand. I looked at our intertwined hands and let him pull me inside with him.

We sat in the middle part and focus our attention in front. The mass is about to start when we arrive.

As the mass continues, I saw the person I wanted to see the least. Stephanie.

I looked at Drake but he still focuses his attention in front. I chose to ignore Stephanie and focus my attention on the mass too.

After the mass, we were about to go out when I heard Stephanie’s voice.

“Oh! Look who’s here!” she said. I turned around to face her and saw that she’s with someone. Drake forced himself to turn around too when I stopped.

“Stop causing a ruckus, Steph.” He said calmly.

Steph. They’re close huh?

“I thought you wouldn’t attend a mass today after I declined your invitation, Drake?” she said and smirked at me. She was obviously making me jealous.

Well, news flash. I'm not!

“And why are you with him, Fely?” she asked me.

I shut my mouth, ignoring her question.

So Drake ask her first? And because she declined, I’m the second option?

My blood boiled after realizing the idea.

“If you have nothing else to say, can we take our leave now?” I said calmly even though my head is in turmoil.

“Oh, why don’t you say hi to Brx first?” she replied and called someone behind us.

When I look at who she was calling, I froze.

I know she already said his name but I’m not comfortable having him around me.

“Hi, Fely.” He greeted me and kissed my cheek. I almost step back but stop myself so I won’t offend him. “Hi,” I replied with a small voice.

“Done? We have to go.” Drake interrupted and held my hand. He pulled me away from them without saying goodbye.

I don’t care though.

But I’m still mad at him.

Fucking scumbag!

“So, care to explain?” I asked him just after we get inside his car. I raised my brow at him and put my arms in front of my chest.

He sighed and started explaining while I’m listening to his bullshits.

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