“Who is this?” I asked over the line. I was sleeping when my phone suddenly rang. I was asking this person for five times now, but still, nobody answered me.

Whoever this is must fucking tell my why he or she called me in the middle of my sleep. I was having a good sleep yet he or she interrupted me and would say nothing?

“Whoever you are, if you have nothing to say, I’m going to put my phone down so I can sleep. And please, stop calling me.” I pleaded and turned my phone off.

I slept like a child again peacefully.

Such a great feeling. I dozed off to sleep with a smile on my face.



I woke up from the noise coming from my alarm clock. I frustratingly threw it to the wall and was supposed to go back to sleep when I heard Mom’s voice.


“Felicity! Get up now!” I heard her strong voice coming from the outside. I immediately run towards the bathroom and placed myself under the shower. It took me 15 minutes to finish taking a bath.

Yes! That fast!

“I’m almost done!” I shouted. I heard Mom’s voice, still shouting to someone about something.

What is going on today?

“Thank God you’re done. We need to go.” She was pacing back and forth while looking at her phone. It looks like she didn’t know what to think nor do first.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on?” I said and looked at the two people sitting on the couch.

“We have a party to attend.” Dad answered seriously.


“Party? This early?” I asked and looked at my wrist watch to check to time. It was a lazy Saturday morning at exactly 9:30. And we are going to a party?

Did they eat breakfast? Have they gone mad?

“Yeah, we need to attend the Beatrix’s party. It’s an exclusive party between their family and ours.” Ghale answered and I just nodded.

“Do I need to go to? I mean, I know nothing about the company.” I said, confusingly.

“Actually, you’re one of the most important person that needs to attend the exclusive party.” Mom said and grabbed her purse. She, then, raised her hand and motioned us to go with her.

I looked at my outfit and sighed. Good thing I chose to wear a pastel purple dress hanging just above my knee pairing it with a white strap heels.

I went inside the van and sat beside Ghale at the backseat. She looked at me and smiled nervously. I frowned at her and she looked away.

What is wrong with her?

We arrived at a five star hotel. Dad went outside and opened the door for Mom and then for us. As I went out, I looked at the building in front of me.

There were few people walking around. At first look, I can already say that they are rich people. No ordinary.

Ghale pushed me a little, making me step forward to follow our parents. We went inside a restaurant with a few people eating. The ambience looked so classy. The interior has a renaissance-inspired design that compliments the atmosphere of the restaurant.

This place is awesome. Not until I saw who we were about to meet.

She looked at me and smirked but I chose to ignore her. I sat at the seat next to Ghale, in front of this guy who is looking at me intently. “Good to see you, Mr. Genson.” The middle-aged man said while looking at my father. He has the superior aura surrounding him but it looked like nothing to my father.

He nodded and introduced us. “This is my lovely wife, Sheyn Cruz Genson. My beautiful daughters, Ghale and of course, Felicity.” Dad said and the man he’s talking to looked at me and smiled.

“Anyways, of course you knew my wife, Christine Beatrix. My daughter Stephanie and my son Brx.” The guy named Brx stood up and bowed his head. Stephanie just rolled her eyes and called for servers.

“Do you like the food?” the guy named Brx, suddenly asked me. Our parents were still talking with each other while Ghale is looking at her phone and so as Stephanie. She kept on taking a picture of her food.

“Y-yeah,” I said, shyly. He nodded and bring back his attention to his food.

“So, the reason why we are meeting right now is because we have an announcement.” Mr. Beatrix said excitedly as he stood up.

I don’t understand why we need to be here. More so, why do I need to be here?

And also, why do I have a bad feeling about this?

My questions were answered when I heard what he just said.

“We would like to announce the engagement of Ms. Felicity Genson and Mr. Brx Beatrix.” He declared. I felt a loud bang in my head at what I just heard.

Did I hear it right?

Everyone was clapping their hands, so as this guy. I looked at Stephanie and she grinned. She brought her face closer to mine and whispered, “No more Drake for you.” She said and smirked.

“What is this all about?” I finally found my voice after a long minutes of silence.

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“Is this some kind of a prank?” I forced a laugh while they were silent.

“Dad? Mom? Ghale?” I looked at then accusingly. My eyes full of hatred.

I felt betrayed.

Why are they doing this? They didn’t even consult me. They didn’t even ask for my opinion. If this was okay for me. If I don’t have any complains.

I stood up and faced them, stopping my tears to fall. “No wedding will be done.” I said and walked out. I even heard them fighting but I don’t care. Not until I heard what Mr. Beatrix said.

“Emmanuel!” he said my father’s name angrily. “Fix this! We had a deal!” he shouted. I continued walking, nowhere to go when I felt a hand on my arm, grabbing me.

“How dare you walk out on us?! You have no respect!” Dad said angrily. He was still holding my arm, making me flinched.

“Really, dad? You’re asking for respect when in the first place, you did not show me how to respect! You didn’t even consult me about this! You didn’t even ask me and now, you’re asking for respect?!” I ranted. I felt a slap on my face, stopping me to say more words.

“How dare you talk back to your father?!” I heard Mom’s voice.

“Mom, stop.” Ghale said, holding Mom in her arms but she just ignored Ghale.

“I will talk back if I know I’m right! Yes, I am your daughter but you don’t have the freedom to choose my future! I do! This is my life!” I shouted while crying. Tears were all over my face.

“This is for your future!” Dad insisted but I shook my head.

I looked up to my father and saw him still in rage. Mom looking so mad, with hatred in her eyes. Ghale looking at me apologetically.

“You don’t really care about me. You don’t care about my future. All you care about is your business.” I said while looking at them seriously.

“Do not ever—“I stopped Mom from talking.

“Do not ever meddle with my life anymore. I am fine alone.” I walked away, wiping the tears in my face.

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