1 1.Will She Become Cheer Leader To Bull Or Eagle Team?

"Shraddha is this the presentation which you made for the given project.? How can you be so neglectable when you are the 2nd topper of the University. Iam giving you a week to show neat and clear presentation. And being good at studies is not enough you need to be good in other skiils too."

When he started to say something again he stopped by the sound of bell rang.

After listening to his long of her Proffesor Kim she wanted to take rest but her bestie wont even give her a chance to rest.

"Shraddha come let's go to foot ball ground . Now please dont tell me you stopped to see foot ball from last two months. Iam tired of hearing it. You can't stop to see some thing because of some one."

"Stop it Naira. Who told you that I stopped to see football match because of someone."

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"Shraddha even though you argue with me that is the truth as your bestie I can know about it. So please now come with me." Even Shraddha protesting Naira didn't calmed but she lead her to the ground.

At foot ball ground

"Sidharth is so handsome when he was in his sports dress." "He is one of the hot guy whom I saw in my life. If I get chance I will ask him for adate " came some girls voices. And "Don't forgot he wont even get close to a girl. If a girl is walking in the same way he goes 10 meters away."came another girl voice . The girls who had been dreaming upto now were became like bodies which lost their souls.

Again there came shriek sound of girls "Nikil is entering into the court hi is so damn cute."came some girls voices.

Actually Sidharth belongs to the Eagle group and Nikil belongs to the Bull group. And girls are divided into groups according to their crush. Nikil is known as spoiled brat and also play boy. While Sidharth is the 1st topper of the University and he was known for female hater.But no one knows that he to loving someone from 3years except his brother.

As Shraddha entered to the ground she saw Nikil who was flirting with other girls. A wave of emmotions came into her before anyone can notice her she recomposed herself. But seeing ground she realised something that match is not going on. Before she can ask Naira about it Coach Shaw called her name and her enemy Tara. Shraddha hates her so much for stealing away her love.

Coach asked the team members to select their cheerleaders for this year. Listening Coach Shaw's Shraddha cursed Naira for making her to stand between two teams and she doesn't want to become Cheer leader for Bull's Team and she can tell she cant even become even she want because of Nikil but there are chances to become because all others treat her like a sister.

"Will Shraddha become Cheer Leader to Bull or Eagle" all are asking themselves these question. Because they all know about the relationship of Nikil and Shraddha before two months..