Lotus and the Demon
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Lotus and the Demon


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What is Lotus and the Demon

Lotus and the Demon is a popular web novel written by the author MidnightX, covering VILLIANESS, ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, MAGIC, DRAMA, DEMON, MARRIAGE, SAMURAI, FANTASY, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 44.5K readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 51 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"I don't want to!" I get up and try to run but I drip over my kimono and fall. I feel tears start to well behind my eyes. "I'm not giving you a choice." He sets me down and wipes my tear away with slim grey fingers. I'm suddenly frozen unable to look away from him. He comes close to my ear and speaks, "Your to be my wife here and that's final." He turns to leave, opening the door leaving me with my racing heart. During the Muromachi Period in Ancient Japan, where Kings of powerful families reined was the seventeen-year-old daughter of the all-powerful Lotus clan. She lived in nothing but happiness, a wealthy family, and strict parents. The day she got into an argument with her father was the day her life would spiral down into the supernatural world she knew nothing of. The day after the fight, she is abducted into the unknown realm called, 'The Demon world' where she is to be the wife of the chaotic demon lord named, Orochi. Just as she thought life couldnt get any worse; strange things start to happen to her. Until the day she finds out the history of her clan and suddenly becomes the center of attention in the Demon world. ~ *Book cover image does not belong to me. It will be removed upon request of the artist if they chose so*

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It reminded me of an anime genre I really love to watch. The nostalgia got me hooked! I liked how the interactions with each character worked like clockwork! Also, the author's unique style of writing made me visualize this novel as light and colorful as a Studio Ghibli movie. The write-up is refreshing. I would like to give this 2 thumbs up and toes as well if it doesn't suffice!


Your friend thinks that your life is too boring without webnovels, so he/she wanted to recommend you some awesome webnovels to read when you are bored on a trip, a table, or the toilet, or simply waiting for something or someone. I am so very sorry for writing this on a review- Bite me later on Discord.


I think I like where this is going, the story development so far in the chappies I've read, superb. You're doing great and urge you to do more, I like what I'm seeing. You'll do great, fighting!


enjoyed it!! finally, an Eastern fantasy novel that is not Chinese. reminds me of the days we would watch anime. The demon husband got my attention! 🙏


I personally liked this story, despite its flaws. It didn't have any major grammatical mistakes, that's for sure! But in some lines, the author should really add some coma(,) or dots (...) to make the conversation seem more realistic. Another thing that bugged me was the sudden personality change of the characters (ex. from angry to caring and all that), maybe add a few monologues of the characters in between the changes to make them seem more probable. Another thing, we didn't really get much insight into the background. I have read a fair number of chapters, but still, the background of the world was confusing. Maybe the author doesn't really need to add text walls full of boring descriptions to build the world. Just expressing little hints here and there in the form of dialogues would work. Other than that, it's a fairly entertaining story (even though I don't usually read stories with female leads), and I'd recommend it to those who love to read stories that gradually create romantic relationships between the main leads, rather than making them fall in love from the bat.


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It mentioned me of an anime class I really admire to watch. The nostalgia got me crooked! I liked how the intercommunications with each character worked like precision! Also, the author's unique style of writing made me visualize this novel as light and colorful as an anime movie. This is 2 thumbs up and toes as well if it doesn't serve! Please read and review my webnovel: - Let Me Choose You - Who Are You


The story is awesome. Can't wait for more chapters, this is good! The story between a female lead and the big bad but really a good guy lead is effectively created. It's good.


This book reminds me so much of Kamisama Kiss! I really am so glad to such an wholesome and interesting book being written. Favorite character is far is DEFINITELY tomoko but Ren is slowly growing on me. Keep it up author!


Okay! So I just finished reading all the chapters & I just love it!!! Woah!! Such a great description of plot! It felt like I am reading a new fantasy manga!! Everyone please give a read to this book! Keep it up dear author


So this novel is awesome. The first thing is the adorable female protagonist, I started to like her, she is true to herself and is straight forward. The second point is the world setting, I liked how demons were also showcased to be people who poses emotions, usually, they are posed as bloodthirsty maniacs. This novel made me feel like a kid reading his new manga book. Nostalgic is the word to describe my mood when I read this. Author, you need to be more detailed in some aspects regarding the key characters, other than that It's a must-read. Keep it up and I hope to see it mature into an awesome piece of work.


Ahhhh! I'm starting to love this book a lot already, the characters are all very cute and the names are all well thought out with the meaning behind them. Orochi seems like a guy who doesn't know when to do something right though lmao. Keep writing author this is going to be one of my favorites!


So nice.. I like the background of this novel.. Romance ins fantasy is genre is quite interesting to read.. The explanation of characters is also neat and elaborated.


A very impressive characterization with solid writing skills. It's nice to read text that flows easily and also has a sense of style. I'll keep reading this one!


Wow! This book is amazing! I loved the character development 😍 , and the use of the onomatopoeia was well executed. I can't wait to read more of the upcoming chapters! Keep up the awesome work!


Reveal spoiler


Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! I love it 🥺 Besides BL, mysteries, I also like this kind of fantasy romance with action. It's the same type as those animes like Kamisama Kiss, which I love lol. I want to read moreee please continue writing ❤️


❤️❤️. Keep on writing.


This reminds me of animes I had been watching! It is really interesting and good read. I have taken a liking to some of the characters which remind me of my anime favorites. Keep writing!


I love this book so much. The writing and story flow is amazing. The author is really good at portraying the character's emotions and I'm in love with Ren already. Good job, author! 🥰


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