Lotus and the DemonLotus and the Demon

Lotus and the Demon

by MidnightX

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"I don't want to!" I get up and try to run but I drip over my kimono and fall. I feel tears start to well behind my eyes. "I'm not giving you a choice." He sets me down and wipes my tear away with slim grey fingers. I'm suddenly frozen unable to look away from him. He comes close to my ear and speaks, "Your to be my wife here and that's final." He turns to leave, opening the door leaving me with my racing heart. During the Muromachi Period in Ancient Japan, where Kings of powerful families reined was the seventeen-year-old daughter of the all-powerful Lotus clan. She lived in nothing but happiness, a wealthy family, and strict parents. The day she got into an argument with her father was the day her life would spiral down into the supernatural world she knew nothing of. The day after the fight, she is abducted into the unknown realm called, 'The Demon world' where she is to be the wife of the chaotic demon lord named, Orochi. Just as she thought life couldnt get any worse; strange things start to happen to her. Until the day she finds out the history of her clan and suddenly becomes the center of attention in the Demon world. ~ *Book cover image does not belong to me. It will be removed upon request of the artist if they chose so*

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