6 Ch.6 The second day

The next morning I woke up on my couch. I was so stiff, I stood up to stretch a bit. After I stretched I got ready for school and left.

When I got to the school Zack was waiting for me outside, we walked in together.

"Do u know where your going." Zack asked gently

"Yes." I said quickly

"Alright see you in 4th period."

"See you!" I said surprisingly excited.

The day before gym class had been canceled because the teacher had and emergency, so today was the real first day of gym class. I found my locker stuck my stuff inside and headed to 1st hour.

1st hour and 2nd hour went the same but on my way to 3rd hour a familiar voice caught me off guard.

"HEY! I know who you are your that Myira girl from elementary!"

This made me shiver with anger, I turned to see who it was but i already had an idea who, my 1st, 2nd. and 3rd grade bully, Rolland. Rolland walked over to me.

"Remember me?" he said in a snobby tone.

I controlled my anger

"You haven't changed on bit have you?"

He looked at me confused, when I was younger I never had the courage to talk to him.

"Whoa! You can talk!?" he said teasingly.

This made my blood boil more and more.

"I suggest you stop now I wouldn't want you wasting your breath." I said evenly and walked in my 3rd hour classroom.

Language Arts went by fast. Finally 4th hour has come. I headed toward the girls locker room, I changed and walked into the gym. I looked around and found Zack sitting alone by the wall, I sat next to him.

He looked at me and said "Is something wrong?"

I stayed silent.

"Myira...?" . I looked up at him.

"Rolland remember?"

"Oh right!" he said quickly "Has he done anything to you yet?" He asked

"Before 3rd hour he confronted me."

"Oh, he's back at it again huh." He said with a angry tone.

I looked down

"Yep." I said smiling.

It felt good to talk to someone again. That night when I got home many memories from 1st grade clouded my mind. My mother had just sent me to the city with the humans.

"There will be grave danger that will soon approach the humans, you must go to their island and prepare yourself for the worst."

I remember her words as if they were yesterday's. From the day I left the island I haven't been back there since. I wonder how they are all doing. I looked outside, grey clouds were gently moving across the sky.

"I want to be with the clouds again." I said softly "But I know I can't until the chaos strikes..."

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