52 Ch.51 Flames

The hand pulled on my waist. I tried to see who it was but my hair flopped in my face. The beast's foot made to the ground as we reached the building. We sat on the ground.

"Are you alright?" a familiar voice said breathing heavily.

I turned my head in shock.

"Zack!? But- How!? Why?" I yelled at him.

For the first time in recorded history a human saved our kind.

"Don't worry about it, just get that thing out of here."

"I can't, move. My body won't let me."

Pain flooded my eye. I turned my head, Aveegoh stood before us. I felt a warm hand grab mine. It was Zack's. I studied his face, frozen in fear he stared at the beast, I moved closer in front of him to protect him incase the beast were to attack. I flattened my wings against him.

"Hang on to me, don't let go."

He didn't say anything, grabbed me tight and buried his face in my shoulder.

"It's going to be okay Zack." I said reassuring him.

He squeezed my waist a little tighter. The beast backed up slightly and bunted it's head toward us. I held up my hands and a barrier appeared. The beast pushed hard breaking it instantly and almost as if in slow motion a flash of crystal blue light appeared in front of us. A small figure stood before us. Anyira! She had her arms up in an X shape blocking the beast, Zyan and Kaidence came to her side and they pushed the beast back.

"Myira go!" Zyan said to me through telepathy.

"I am too weak."

Anyira turned to me. My eyes grew blurry. She ran to me. "Get him out of here." I said weakly to her.

"Myira. I-"

"That was an order."

"Yes. Zack!"

Zack released his grip from me and stood up teary eyed. He looked as if he wanted to say something but couldn't. Anyira took his hand, he looked at her and followed.

"Go." I called as they ran away to safety.

I looked back at the beast and struggled to stand up. I flapped my wings, it was almost as if they didn't work. I flapped harder, felt my feet rise from the ground and made my way back to the hight of the beast. I drew my sword once more and looked at the beast. It was almost as if I could hear it's cries.

"Mieryia, where have you gone. Why can't I find you. What is this power and how did it find me. Where is 'home' save me." Aveegoh cried.

"It's me," I said softly. "It's me! I am here Aveegoh!"

Aveegoh turned to face me once again. Tears rolled down my cheek. "Aveegoh." Flash backs of the little beast hit me again.

"Mieryia? But you've, you have changed."

"Aveegoh, you must stop this rampage. Please." I pleaded.

"Mier-." it managed to get out before it's eyes turned red and flashed. "Help me..."

A huge fire came out of it's mouth so fast. There was no time to react, the only thing I could do is fly away. I flapped as fast as I could but it didn't help. The flames caught my wings and began burning them. I turned my attention to try and get the flames out of them but it did no good it already ate my wings up. Flapping with what few feathers I had left. I couldn't see where I was going I was going somewhere and falling. I turned my head fast before hitting the side of the brick building and sliding down scratching up my face before finally tumbling to the ground....

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