3 Dream.

Fire...Fire is every where. Everything is burning. people shouting at top voice. A little kid shouting and trying to break the glass window to escape. An elderly couple screaming mad inside the burning house. one man standing there laughing like its just a game for him. Everything is burning , looks like its the end of the world. But suddenly a sickly girl came running she tried her best to help the people inside the house but she is too weak to do that. She is hurt herself with several cuts on her body.

suddenly that man pulled her by her hairs and dragged her near the fire . In a flash he threw her in the burning house , that heartless man. The roof of the house was about to fall on her at that moment I woke up. God that was a bad dream. But who were they ? why their faces were blurry ? why I feel I have a deep connection with them ? what were they doing ? . My room is dark but I somehow managed to find a glass to drink water.....wait my hands are actually moving.

" what happened ? why are you shouting ...." that woman came as fast as possible in my room. shout and me ? I showed myself with a finger with an expression like ' who me ?' she nodded. Actually I feel my tounge has became light and I can move it anywhere I want , I could do that earlier but this time it feels much lighter than before. so I gave it a try. It took some time , my jaws are not moving fast but they are not not locked together like it was few days ago.

" B..ba..bad ...drea ...dream. " I told her , since I didnt talk for a long time my speech has became like a kids speech who is trying to learn to speak. she nodded than gave a nice little kiss on my forehead and told " I knew everything thing is going to be alright. see now you can sit , use your hands and even speak. " I showed her my hands which are shaking like anything and my speech became just like a child's speech .

" Don't worry they will be fine with little practice. It has been a long time that's why they are not working properly ? " she sat on my bed holding my hand . My legs are not moving great. But why she told it has been a long time ? How much time she means ? " How..much ?" she understood my question and told " you are here for almost 2 years now. " . Two years I was here in comma ? why ? How ? I have so many questions.

" I know you have many questions you want to ask. Even we have so many things that we want to share but dear we waited patiently for two years for you to get up. you also have to wait for some more time to know about yourself. Time is an amazing healer you wait and see its magic. Now close your eyes. " she told in a humming voice , her voice is so motherly , so beautiful. yes I have many questions but they can wait. Right now she is right , and I trust her. If she thinks I have to wait patiently to know my answers than I will wait . I lied down again , she slowly hummed a nice song and again sleep came over in my eyes.

The bright sunshine broke my sleep , the happy birds Chippering , cool wind coming in but their is a terrifying aura coming from somewhere... what is it ???.As I turned my eyes towards the chair near the table my heart froze , I started to shake with fear as I saw a black panther is sitting on the chair. His cold eyes are on me as if sizing me up. I slided as far as possible from it but my legs are not cooperating with me. why is it here ? who bought it here ? will it eat me ?. He is sitting like a king on the chair trying to show his dominance over man kind . His eyes are hungry and red. Should I shout ? What should I do ?

" You awake dear nice to see you fresh and healthy. " that sweet looking lady came with a tray full of food . Is she blind or something? can't she see the panther on the chair? she suddenly followed my line of gaze and told " Oh you meet with sultan. Sultan stop scaring her will you. Go play with Arab. " The panther obidently walked out of the room. I am speechless. Did the majestic panther listened to a little human ?....it acts like a dog pet but how that's possible ?.

she told " Sultans mother died during child birth my husband found sultan on the woods and brought him home. And from that day he is staying with us. " she explained me like its natural to see panthers and tigers roaming free in the house. I look like mummy with bandages but she never removes them.....I fancy to think myself Princess of Egypt whom they dug me out from any pyramid and magically put life in her and that's why my body is like this....when you have time you think up stupid stuffs like this.

" Did I mention you can soon take a shower ?And by soon I mean tomorrow, since your wounds have healed so much . " she told with an encouraging voice. she is always so positive. she always gives a motherly vibes. she takes care of me , feed me , change my bandaged without any complain and every time I see her she is with a bright smile.

" I just realised you don't know my name. My name is Rose hills and my husband Adam Hills . We have a son name Arab. And a pet sultan. " she told happily , who with their correct minds keeps a black panther as their pet ? God I was so scared. she gossiped some more and than left me all alone. Don't leave me alone I am scared. what if your panther thinks chickens are not enough for him and come looking for his dinner? wait...

Suddenly that whistle came again. But today its not gloomy anymore. Its a Happy whistle like someone is happy. It sounds like sunshine, hope, beauty. Okay , maybe the person is really happy today. His whistle danced with the morning sunlight, blew like the western wind. I can hear it forever and ever. My mood became calm and quiet. I want to see the person who walks throw the woods and whistle so nicely. He is like nature to me . Like as if the nature waits for him to whistle and beautify them with his song and his presence. I envy those sunlight who can sparkle on the persons skin , I envy these winds who can dance along with the persons song , I envy the nature who can see the person everyday while I lie here and listen him can't even walk . But he is like hope to me. Hope that one day I can walk , hope that one day I can see him , talk with him , know him better.....why I started calling the person him? I don't even know that persons gender. It can be a girl also but doesn't matter what I will see that person soon.

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