1 Prologue : How it Started

I am Inazuma Kouichi, 24 years old. I'm from Hokkaido, Japan and travelling was my dream since I was a kid. It's really fun to travel around the world. But there's a reason why I'm obsessed with traveling.It's because I'm looking for something. Something that contradicts even my own thoughts

Now that I think of it.I remember it well how I started for being obsessed on traveling. It all started of what I saw in an article in thei Internet. If I remember correctly, it's all about the history of the world or something like that. That there was a human civilization before us, the more advanced one than in the present. Though I did not believed it of course. But it did made me curious.

It's the one you can watch on fantasy animes.But I'm more on reading books or novels rather than watching.Novels is like traveling into many different worlds. You read many stories that makes you feel you're living in that world.

And now, I'm travelling around the world just as I dreamed back when I was a kid. I'm in Egypt right now. The last place I've been is Australia. The technology now is a bit more advanced unlike when I was a kid. That's obviously true, time changes.

Australia was a bit of modern in my point of view.But Egypt for me before going there is a historic place so it's really the one I want to go. What comes to your mind when someone says Egypt? Its the Pyramids, yeah.

Its that time while I'm looking an ancient ruins in the Egypt, I saw a strange guy wearing strange clothes too. It's Egypt of course, but it was not a clothing that Egyptian or a tourist would wear. There's so many people that I lost sight of him immediately.

'It's that! It's what you call nerds'. My thoughts made me laugh like a crazy man walking in the streets.Though I did not meant to laugh him, its just I laughed on my own thoughts, and it's pretty creepy.

Then, after that, I found where to go first.The pyramids.I'm on line on going on the pyramids. Well, pyramids are also the tourist spot in Egypt.