LOST INSIDE: The unknown float Book

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LOST INSIDE: The unknown float


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My mind was blank, when I opened my eyes I couldn't remember a thing "Are you insane! For christs sake Elizabeth what do you think... So this is where everything started, found in a bus station, dressed in paint, my life could be much more than this misery... Everyone seem new to me, all streets looked the same, until when my best friend Miranda came into my life and made it much more easier, even if I dont remember most of our hangings but one thing is sure, I love this girl. I know its a matter of time until I get my memory back but do I really want them back, all I see in my dreams are nightmares haunting me down and according to my mother's view the previous event before loosing my memory was trying out a suicide what if I remember the reason to end my life... My life is still a puzzle that I have to fix Nothing seems right.....