1 It's too foggy!

"I can't believe the school had told us that there is no school!" kenzai hopped her way to yuki.

"Yuki, are you alright there?"

"Oh sorry Kenzai, I'm still not getting over the fact that it is foggy than usual. Normally we just have a lite fog and then it would vanish out of nowhere."

"uhh... Yeah, totally!" Kenzai replies with a confused look. As they both continue to walk one of the boys rudily knocks Kenzai onto the ground. "Hey! watch where you are going!"

"Oh, so your finally speaking up to me, huh!" the boy grabs yuki shirt with his filthy dirty looking hands and drags her towards him. His face was covered with bruises and a bloody nose. "what happened to you?"

"that is none of your concern" the boy was so angry he used all is hatred and anger on Yuki and thrown her to the wall. Luckily Kaneki kun was able to Catch her. Kaneki-kun, top student in the academia and doesn't like to socialize. He doesn't tolerate bullies...and...

Kaneki Slams his hand to the wall. "you guys are pathetic! fighting the weaker gender because you can't fight the same! There's going to be serious consequences for what you bratts!"

"You can't do anything!"

Kaneki sighs and stares at the boys. His eyes where stiff, it was only concentrated on one area...the boys. a seconds after kaneki stared them into the eyes, the boys faces where glowing red and soon purple. They couldn't hold it for long and helplessly ran off.


Kaneki waving his hand across the back of my head and hits it. "grow up. And next time don't pick a fight with the opposite gender"

My eyes drifted away with his words. They where too fragile and all I could say was..."Yeah, yeah! I ain't listening to the opposite gender As well!" I waved back to the boy, as soon as I turned I realized that Kenzai was picking up her book. Yuki walked silently towards her and crouched to help the poor girl struggle to get her book.

"Are you alright Kenzai?"

"just a bump on the head that's all. These savvy people bug me alot, you know."

"they bug everyone, especially me".

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