Lost in the Light; Tale of Lilith Book

novel - Historical Romance

Lost in the Light; Tale of Lilith


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Throught-out history my tale has been spun many times yet no-one has gotten my story right. Yes, I was a she- devil and a saint but unlike those who came after, my story began to fade. In a time before Lucifer descended to earth, when Adam knew not of, Eve there were my siblings, father and I. Though different blood coarse through our veins we were family none -the -less. Father taught us right from wrong, knowledge of sex and infertility yet we didn't cower in shame hiding out bodies. Along with my story were truths of how to regain power lost when mortals tried to cross paths with God. My tale isn't mine alone to tell, I must speak of Death, Heaven, Hell, the devil and God so lend my your ear for a bit more as I take you through my life before. "All is fair in love and war until a wounded female comes asking for more", Lilith said with an evil smirk


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