1 Finding destiny

Once there was a dark forest and in the middle of the forest Laid a woman by the name of angel she was one of the daughters of the royal family well she was anyway her father banished her fare away from the land due to her having a baby with a beast he did not want anyone to know about the problem pregnancy so he erased angels memories with magic and sent her to a fare land a land called gelono it was a land full of people from different places but on the near edge of the land there was a forest the king felt that if he abandoned angel in the woods close to the land hopefully someone would find her she woke up from her slumber looking around lost crying with confusion as to who she was and where could she go she walked up the hills from the dark forest her feet where hurting and she could almost see light from the shinning lights of gelono her eye became weak and she passed out a lady from the town saw her laying on the ground and slowly walked up to angel and screamed for help in the distance men and woman of the land gathered around and picked her up and carried her to the strange woman's home the lady got a damp towel and lightly rubbed angels head and goes to get food ready the lady asks her son to watch angel but he had no care for watching a stranger he rolled his eyes and looked away and started reading his book angel slowly opened her eyes and saw the stranger reading beside her she softly looked around and said who are you where am I who am I he ignored her knowing that she was not his problem his mom came in with food and water smiling at angel and looks her in the eye and says how are you feeling darling angel replied with I think I am ok the woman looked at her with warmth and care and ask angel do you remember anything she replied with a no angel asked the lady what her name was and she said my name is Jane and this is my son Henry you are in gelono I saw you at the edge of the forest one thing laid to another and now you are here angel tried to get up she felt in her gut she was not where she needed to be she tried to stand up but the feel back down Jane looked at angel with sadness and told angel that she will draw her a bath angel picked up the food and eats Henry picks over his book watching seeing that he has never seen a common person eat so properly Henry slowly put his book down and walked away angel told him to wait but he just kept walking minutes later Jane came back and gently took angels hand and walked her to the back cleaning her up and dropping her hair in warm water looking down at angels belly and wondering but not asking Jane pulls angels long icy white hair back and brushed it gently letting it hang off the tub to air dry putting warm water and soap on her neck as the smell of the forest slowly fades Jane hands angel and slowly leads her to a guest room and tells her that she would be back angels body softens as she lays on the bed in relief at how soft the sheets are she looks at her belly and rubs it suddenly her head starts to hurt and she gets flash backs from her past but she does not know what is means Jane comes back with a beautiful dress in her and and some jewels and flowers Jane lightly presses her self against the bed tugging at angels hair pinning it up and hanging too curls on the sides of her face placing jewels and flowers in her hair and hands her the dress Jane tells angel thAt they will be leaving for tour of the town and that Henry will be carrying her as she gets better angel softly blushed and looks at she sparkly dress with a split in it amazed from how the white And gold shinned of the dress she buttons the side of she dress and stood in the mirror amazed at how beautiful she was her skin. Glowed a light brown her icy hair as it blend in with her dress and her eyes sparkling suddenly Henry knocks on the door and tells angel it is time to go he picks her up and holds her tight on his back they walked out of the guess room and Jane smiled telling angel how beautiful she was they walked through the town everyone looked and gasped at how different angel looked it like something they had never seen after a while every one looked away trying not to stair as much back at the kindom the beast ran through the door looking for angel but could not find his one true love he was angry and the guards came to kill him his long black hair and covered his face as his grey eyes where covered he flipped his hair back and the guards where shaking as they never saw his face until now his cheek bones amazingly cut he was tall with long black hair that touched his feet grey eyes that glow too the guards he did not look like a beast he was a gorgeous man but after a while his eyes turned red and he floated over the guards and jumped on the necks breaking it and flys straight to the king and scream where is my love the king looks back in fear telling the beast that if he killed him he will never see angel again the beast did not believe the king he went closer and pulled out a knife telling the king if he did not tell him he will die he shaked and told the beast that she was in a town where he would never find her the beast dropped the king and ran out of the castle running to the first place he could think off a town that he new so well the one place he grew up but was band from going there ever again ever since his twin brother tried to burn the town down the people will never look at his family again the beast got on his black horse and he rode on to gelono with a hood on his head slowly creeping around then he saw her looking crushed as another man carried her on his back the beast walked away and waited until it got a little darker only then Is when he could see her without anyone noticing angel giggle and laughed Ashe she road on Henry back amazed by all of the different jewels and foods her eyes wondered around the town she felt something tugging at her chest a feeling not knowing of it was bad or not angel just ignored it looking quickly she saw a shadow and wondered but did not question it after a good long time in the town jane and Henry where getting tired so they told angel that they might go out again tomorrow Henry put angel down but angel felt the strangest feeling as if someone was watching her she walked in going to the room that was prepared for her and un did her hair and flops in the bed as she hears a knock on the window she got scared and waited a while then she saw a face felt warm when she saw it but did not know why she opened a window and a man kissed her passionately but she jumped back not knowing anything about him