1 Chapter 1. Unexpected

"What is this Jefferson?" Elizabeth asked harshly. Elizabeth had cherry red curls that bounced gracefully every time a gust of wind blew by, she had dark ivory green eyes that glowed when she was in the sun. Her hands fair as a dove, her lips Puckered softly and her nose as light as a feather.

"A letter my lady" Jefferson responded kindly. Jefferson was a skinny short sly man that got charmed by the worst of women. He was smug, oily and a silly flirt. He got to all the women but Elizabeth.

"How peculiar who sends letters these days it's 2020 not 1994. I'd rather just have them call me then them write to me. She said peacefully scanning the card not missing any word.

"What does it say?" Her fiancé asked his name was James and he had ginger blonde hair that was slicked back with gel.

"Oh my god!" Elizabeth yelled rudely dropping the card on the ground as if it had no matter. Her hands suddenly quivered up to her hand up to her mouth and started trembling.

"My darling what did it say?" James asked curiously gripping the card from the ground.

"Isabella Smith" Elizabeth said madly. She started ripping the card. Once she was done she rushed to her computer and looked up Isabella smith.

"Who is she?" James asked hooked to the ripped letter.

"She's the air" Elizabeth said bluntly to James. She turned away and started thinking.

"The air to what?" James asked devoted to find out. His eyes were glued to the torn paper that rested gently on their lovely tan rug.

"You're uncles air" Elizabeth said nicely to him bitting her lip trying to bring good into the moment.

"What but that's impossible I'm his closest thing to a son we can't move out, this our home" James said standing up with his hand clutched around his mouth.

"Maybe we won't have to" Elizabeth said to him kindly trying to calm him down. Her hand wrapped around his shoulder and her lips reached his.

James glanced at her quickly and asked "What do you mean?".

In the Honda, "hello?" Isabella asked strangely.

"Hi my name is Elizabeth Connor their seems to have been a mistake. My husbands uncle put you in his will and we just want to know how you knew him?" Elizabeth asked curiously tapping her fingers on the drawer.

"What's his uncles name?" Isabella asked strangely.

"Robert Henry" Elizabeth said praying she didn't know him. James was behind her listening to her every word, he had his hand up to his mouth clutching his chin.

"Robert Henry?" Isabella asked weirdly. Her eyes suddenly opened widely and she remembered who he was.