Lost Amethyst Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Lost Amethyst


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Suffering from hallucinations that was cause by an unknown incident. Rae Amethyst senses and feelings became more and more shallow inside. It was said that her illness was caused by her insomnia and stress... —But she believed that it was the mysterious energy that caused it. People might misjudged her as a crazy person so she chose to hide it from everyone. Then one day, an accident happened outside their school. Stay up all night to read the book that her friend recommended to her, found her old toy, and lastly, received a weird email from an unknown sender. She swears that she didn’t touch the email a bit but here she is- laying on the grassy field and surrounded by some weirdly looking burning buildings. Some floating glowing words appeared in-front of her face. [Welcome, complete the Mission to come back to the real world and gain rewards] ————— @All rights reserved


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