10 Entering The First Level Of The Embryonic Realm

Hao Zhou looked at his palm in astonishment. Reluctantly, he pushed another burst of true energy into Fei Hong's body, but the result was the same as the last time. His energy was still sucked in completely!

But what shocked Hao Zhou more was that when he looked at Fei Hong's chest, there was no change at all! It was as if no energy had entered it. Hao Zhou moved his hand away from Fei Hong's body, and Fei Hong also opened his eyes.

"Master, do you see what's wrong with this disciple?" Fei Hong asked impatiently, knowing that Hao Zhou had been watching just now.

Hao Zhou 's face was solemn, but his heart was a little excited and nervous. He knew that the disciple he had received was definitely of a strange character. Not to mention the form of his natural bones. Now, even the structure of his meridians was so strange. He can really refine a magical weapon too, and it may be a low-level one. A talisman!

There was only one low-level magical artifact in the entire Sacred Swords Gate! The importance of a magical artifact to the practitioner was very massive.


"Well, your body is special. Let's stop the practice of the Sacred Swords Technique for now. Come to the refining room with me." Hao Zhou knew there was non other option than for him to talk to brother Cao Wang as soon as possible.

Seeing that Master Hao Zhou was also puzzled, Fei Hong shrugged with resignation, and followed his master to the refining room.

At this time, Fei Hong had grown accustomed to the hot air flow. He took a black coat from the wall and put it on him.

Ignoring Fei Hong, Hao Zhou operated the cauldron by himself. Touching the index finger of his right hand to the cauldron, the lid of the furnace flew open. He brought out two identical daggers and plunged them into the furnace of spirit fire. With a hissing sound, he withdrew them from the the flame and put them on the Prague.

"Come and take over." Hao Zhou handed Fei Hong the smithing hammer: "Do as I said."

Hao Zhou was one of the best craftsmen in the Wuzhi Dynasty. He created a set of craftsmanship techniques that were applicable to most magical crafts. Hao Zhou first taught the elementary basic technique to Fei Hong. After Fei Hong became familiar with it, he was allowed to wield the forging hammer.

Fei Hong muttered the technique silently, and he felt a coldness in his chest. An enormous flow of energy, spread from his chest, reaching his right hand that was holding the small hammer.

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Hao Zhou motioned to Fei Hong to start. Fei Hong cautiously began to beat down on the daggers according to the technique he had just learned. A few sparks spattered from the long sword which was beginning to take shape which frightened Fei Hong.

"Well, yes, that's it. The strength of each hammer must be even. Don't hit one point in a row." Hao Zhou nodded with satisfaction: "Go ahead."

This was the first time in more than half a year that Fei Hong heard Master Hao praised him. This made his heart warm. While happy, Fei Hong constantly tempered the short sword in his hand. It went so well at the beginning, allowing Fei Hong to slowly relax.

Suddenly, the strength of the striking hammer grew a little bit stronger, making the sword splashed with countless sparks. Some of these sparks directly fell on Fei Hong's body.

"Ah..." Fei Hong cried out in pain, and threw away the small hammer in a reflexive manner. He was about to apologize to master Hao Zhou , but suddenly felt a burning pain in his chest. He hurriedly turned around, clutching his chest and mistakenly colliding with his master. He greeted him anxousy and ran back to his hut.

When Fei Hong returned to his room and closed the door, the familiar yellow light flashed on his chest. The pain was greatly excruciating. Not able to take it anymore, he fell to the ground!

That yellow light was activated during the trials, and it appeared again at this moment, as if initiated. Nobetheless, the chi in Fei Hong's body continued to circulate, expanding Fei Hong's meridians! A few hours later, the light slowly disappeared from Fei Hong's body, but Fei Hong's body had undergone tremendous changes.

By the time he woke up again, it was already evening. He knew the principle of forging. In order to temper the pair of daggers into a short sword, Hao Zhou would not be able to get out of the refining room until the afternoon of the following day.

Fei Hong stood up slowly and sat on the bed. The pain in his chest was no longer there. He touched his chest, recalling the creepy pain during the day. When he stretched his arms, he suddenly realized that his arms had become more flexible and stronger! He had a great feeling of bending his own body at will, something he had never felt before. This was not only because of the improvement of agility, but more like his whole body had been transformed!

Fei Hong hurriedly sat cross-legged on the couch, and began to guide the chi in his body into the meridians according to the method of channeling in the "Angong Technique".

In fact, in the past six months, Fei Hong was able to feel that he could gather the true qi in his body and move them through his meridians. He also knew that this true qi would immediately disappear in his chest when it entered his body. But he could not do anything about it, or explain it. He had thought that his Master could solve it, but it appeared he was also at a loss.

But this time, after running for half an hour, Fei Hong opened his eyes in surprise: The upper chakra in his body had been opened up, and now the true energy can run smoothly in the upper chakra, but not in. It disappeared from his chest, at this time, he had already entered the first level of the Imperial Realm!

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