9 Angong Sacred Technique

With that said, Hao Zhou turned around and led Fei Hong out of the refining room, bypassed the two corridors, and opened a relatively small door. Fei Hong followed his master in and found that it was a small practice room with only a bed and a bookshelf, nothing else.

Hao Zhou took a book from the bookshelf and threw it to Fei Hong. "Do you know how lucky you are? According to the door rules, beginner disciples are miscellaneous disciples, and they will only be collected by us after they have cultivated to the third level of the embryonic realm. As a disciple, but you are lucky to have a master as soon as you get started!"

Fei Hong was startled, seeing the three words "Angong Sacred Technique" written in the book. He remembered the words of Senior Brother Zhang Long last night that he was lucky, and then he came to an understanding.

"You have some brute force, but you don't have any foundation. You have not awakened your bloodline. This "Angong Sacred Technique" is a basic formula for practicing Chi. You should practice it first. If you don't understand, just ask me!"

After finishing speaking, Hao Zhou ignored Fei Hong's dazed expression, turned and left the practice room.


Fei Hong watched his new master left the room, and sat on the couch with a wry smile. He opened the dusty manuscripts in his hands. It seems that Master hasn't accepted any disciples for a long time, and this book was almost rotten.

The entire book was only a dozen pages long, and Fei Hong read it roughly. Indeed, as Master said, the content in the book was the most basic way of qi training, and there were simple qi training notes at the back.

For a newcomer like Fei Hong, the first thing he needs to do was to continuously refine his meridians and strengthen his body, so as to enter and cross the meridian realm and absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to cultivate. If you are lucky enough to cultivate to the later stage of the phantom stage, you can truly awaken the bloodline inheritance.

Seeing this, Fei Hong became excited again, crossed his legs, and began to silently read the formulas in the book.

At this time in the refining room, Hao Zhou was swinging the broken hammer and beating the long sword, and murmured to himself while beating: "When this kid enters the second level of the Earth Realm cultivation base, he will be used as a refining vessel. Refining equipment, huh, with this kid's powerful body, at least, he would be refining perfect armors. This is very beneficial to my cultivation..."

After that, Fei Hong practiced Qi in the practice room day after day, and Hao Zhou, for his own purposes, did not teach Fei Hong any technique for refining tools, but let him practice Qi every day to improve his cultivation level.

But half a year later, Hao Zhou was completely angry with the slow development of Fei Hong. He was desperate. He murmured under his breath. "This fool named Fei Hong, who had practiced the Angong Sacred Technique for half a year, did not break through any of the thirty-two channels. He almost slapped Fei Hong to death with a slap in the hand!

And Fei Hong was even more depressed. Originally thought that entering the Sacred Swords and having a master, he would not be far from awakening his bloodline inheritance. Who knows that after half a year, except for the few days when he returned home, he spent the rest of the time practicing hard. "The Angong Technique" did not even get him through one meridian!

Looking at the pale-faced master in front of him, Fei Hong stood aside with his head down. Just like a little daughter-in-law who had been wronged by the heavens.

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"You, practice the Angong Sacred Technique here once to show me how you've been doing it." Hao Zhou said, staring at Fei Hong gloomily.

Fei Hong didn't dare to fail, and sat down cross-legged, silently reciting the Qi training method in Angong Technique.

Hao Zhou was not idle either. He stretched out his hand on Fei Hong's wrist, and soon his expression became a confused one. Fei Hong's cultivation method was exactly the same as the one in the book, and after half a year of practice, Fei Hong could already let the true chi in his body enter the meridians for refining. Also, Fei Hong was constantly intensively training his body, at this time his physical attributes were also very strong.

But what puzzled Hao Zhou was that after this trace of true energy entered Fei Hong's body meridians, it only traveled to his chest, and disappeared, as if sinking into a large sea! In this situation, the Hao Zhou of the fourth-layer cultivation base of the Earth Realm had never seen it. He hurriedly got up, once again stretched out his hand to press on Fei Hong's wrist, and input his true energy into Fei Hong's body.

The Hao Zhou was very careful. He slowly controlled the flow of true energy in Fei Hong's meridians a little bit, and slowly approached Fei Hong's chest.

Suddenly, Hao Zhou suddenly felt a strong suction, tearing at his own infuriating energy! He hurriedly stabilized his mind, trying to pull the true qi back into his body. But in the blink of an eye, that power suddenly exploded, sucking his true qi completely!

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