The Multiversal Convergence had ended, but its effect is just beginning. The aftermath of this event would surely once again changes the power dynamics in the world.

While most of the people related to Death Monarch went to that hill to help Jean, the other great powers had their own concern.

And all of this concern would have to be addressed sooner than later. All of these great leaders look toward that island where Katarina was kidnapped and waited.

They waited to see what that person would do.


The seagull flies above the clouds, flapping its wings, the wind gust generated by it moves the clouds. But above the clouds, is more clouds. 

The heaven is high and people could only look in awe. It is like now, the task of reaching the Heaven would become even more harder

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Today, the world witnessed Gods fighting each other and they saw the might of the Heaven. And they realized that they are still weak.

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