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I mean the story is very boring, there's so much transition from future and the past, like mann can you just calm the fck down, i mean like wtf its very confusing. Example the next chapter will be in the future instantly then will show you the future mc, like i mean if you're gonna show the future mc whats the point of building the character right wtf


One of the best novels I've read in a long time, possibly ever. Loved the story on RR and reading it here would also be great considering I read a s**t ton here as well.


I feel so betrayed. In the beginning of the story the author depicts a fantastic character who doesn't seem to involve in being lustful Pig or tied down by any sort of companionship. It felt like a man against the world is trying his best to survive to grow stronger to Triumph. The setup for the Apocalypse had me waiting for the Mythos oh, but then he added Sofia. At first I thought he's going to handle it properly were is this going to be a short a Ally until they parted ways. But then it turns the classic light novel Horror Story of girl teases guy but in the most annoying way possible you hate the girl you want her gone but the guy endearing towards her and they had some sort of fake love that blossoms and makes you want to tear your eyes out. The story which had such a good start and idea, was destroyed to the point where it's unrecognizable. Please understand that if you read this book you will not be getting the quality characters that you seem to be promised in the beginning. You see his first companion die you think the author has balls. But it seems like they are cut off by someone halfway through the beginning. I would not suggest to read whatsoever! Also please read through the other comments hidden between the 12 year olds who don't know what actual relationship should be like are negative comments you point out the faults in the story. This isn't a complaint this is a warning do not waste your precious time to grow attached to a character who will be destroyed in the most gruesome way an author can!!!!!


I just started reading it. I am on chapter 3. Honestly, I like where the story is going but the grammar and sentence structure is very bad and it is super uncomfortable to read. Its ok if you are an ******* writer when you put these up on royal road but after coming to webnobel.com and having these chapters premium, I thought you would atleast get a decent editor. The main problem is the tense of story. Why is it present? It is all wrong. I do hope that you correct it or atleast get an editor to do this if you are uncomfortable changing your style. I will still continue to read this story. I don't know if it's possible but I hope the the author reads this review and reflects on it.


The story je great and I really like it on RR. Si I am juste writing a review to say so. One hundred and fourty characters!!! again, again, again and again.


Good stories. Have been following it from RR..will be one of the best original novel in this site.. great character development, interesting plot, although sometime quite confusing with all the timelines, but worth the read.. so this review need more than 140 words, hoping that I have write this review more than 140 words.. goddamnit QI..


I won't comment on the grammar and spelling mistakes, since many have already spoken about it. It's amazing how someone can take a good idea for a very good plot and turn it into such a horrible novel. The romance for the MC and the Female Lead is as dumb as possible. He tries to make it an epic romance, but fails terribly. Either they are apart because the FL is a dumb b*tch, or the are together with the FL whining and complaining about the MC. And the poor bastard just takes it, over and over again. This whole idea is so plain stupid that the MC nearly sacrifices his life for the FL so many times, and the times he needs help she is never around because she needs to be stronger for the MC. What is the point of that if she is never around when he needs it?! On the other hand we have another love interest that practically killed herself to save the MC, that stands by him, supports him, understands him, but NO!! The FL has to be the romance for the MC. It gets so annoying that I find myself wishing the stupid spoiled FL to just die. I honestly think the author must have had a really screwed up relation in his past to think of love as he does. Whatever that is, it's not love, neither here nor in hell!! The characters generally are well written, meaning the are not 2 dimension characters. they have their own backgrounds, reasons, hopes, etc. The issue here is that the author spends as much time writing about the side characters as he spends on the MC. And he keeps on jumping perspectives. One moment we are following the MC doing something important, and then we are watching some non important character doing a monologue about how beautiful the sky is. The time jumping also is a bit too much. Time travelling is supposed to be either impossible or prohibited by the higher powers, but every few chapters we find another time traveler, or someone with memories about the future. The really good parts about this novel is when we are following the MC. He is a decently written character, besides his stupidity in romance and the main love interest. But regarding his "cultivation" an advancement the chapters are pretty interesting. And the challenges he faces are well done as well. Besides correcting the grammar and spelling (FIND AN EDITOR!!) and slowing down the changes of perspectives, all the author would need is a realistic romance or no romance at all and the story would improve drastically...


I really like this story but the huge problem is that the amount of spirit stones needed to unlock chapters is a ton and I don’t even get close to enough from daily stones to open them and I don’t have the money to buy them.


i read it on royal road finally its here . good story i recommended it to everyone who likes action and great plot 140 chars 140 chars 140 chars


Reveal spoiler


I love this book I really do I have been reading it sense it was in Royal Road. I like you very much but lately, most of you two chapters have been kind of short not in one of the reason I know this novel so much is because of his long productive chapters that I can play something not small chapters that does nothing but further the story with no point that's why has a fan in a reader I would like you to bring back your long chapters I'll pay the stones for them I just don't like to show chapters.


The novel at the beginning was alright, you could see the basic premises of where the story will go but around the end of volume 1 it got.... boring. The multiple povs and showing the future is what dissapointed me the most, idc bout your crappy english im reading the story to see how far the protagonist will go and not the future of the protagonist. Honestly I thought Earth 2 would have the same structure as Earth Prime but it didnt. Now theres heros wtf? Lord Shadow became a hero? When he first arrived at Earth 2 and destoyed the meterorite he was called the Dark Knight but then in like 2 chapters hes called by a ****ty name and now theres a rich guy using his blood to create super soldiers. *Sigh* The beginning was good it wasnt great but I held on because I thought this novel was different. I was right. It became boring. P.S - (This is just me rambaling on but yeah) Dont use caps when the system is showing something, its hard to read, use brackets it shows that you at least care but how much you present yourself. Also whats with showing all his skills, pillars and items at once (dont know cause I always skiped it when he showed the status) it looks stupid, use sections and sub sections. Have you not read video game novels? The author shows great care in there work by putting brackets in when the system is doing something. I mean why would you use caps when the system is talking, its hard to read as well as the fact that its ugly. Have you never proof read your work?


This Tod is just copying things from DC. Total bull**** . Reading it just wasting time. Man I mean please stop mixing things like DC past present and future multiverse bull**** story about one world is already enough and if like to write leveling system then focus on rather than bull**** if you're making it like a game then be more like no notification about level up nothing like status screen. Overall story and it's plot is 3rd class mix of DC and sadistic love story. Sadist freak.


The story is great but it is being ruined by lack of seriousness from the author, writing 2 novels simultaneously Reducing the quality & quantity of this novel.


Too. Much filler speaking same thing in 10 different ways does not make it sound exp. Starting till middle was good but now it's like ****. The story is good but for each small climax one needs to wait more than 6 months to have few quality exp chapters and the rest are fillers which are expanded to fill slacks/laziness. Like nov,2019 end there was a series of few good chapter and now it's Almost April we are waiting for its continuation. Each chapter 80-85 % is filled with author narration how mc shits only 10% accounts to real development and that to is a filler. I am not saying the story is bad but you must be a follower of mad_snail to give good score. Sure it has unexpected twist and turns even few exp chapter for which author keeps us thirsty for half a year, yet we are his ***** still waiting for few exp that send our dopamine to high. So the is both loved and cursed, but what can we he is doing for $ and I agree it is difficult to make stiff exp chapter/turns every now and then. But its earnest request to author to please reduce the amount of your monologue to make the story not be hated by readers.


Unfortunately had to quit after the first chapter. I am confident in saying that whoever wrote or translated this didn't read it twice. All the errors made it jarring to read.


I don't think that this is English anymore. Seriously I hoped it would get better but 25 chapter and it just gets worse I am of then have fun.


Well what can i say, when i first saw this in royal road it really draws me in. the story is unique, the world building is wonderful and the characters have depths. The only problem that i have is the grammar but, as long as you can understand it all is well right? unless you'r a grammar nazi. Read it to find out what i'm saying fellow daoist. you won't regret it.


One of my favorites on RR, I always thought it did not recieve the attention it deserved, good luck to the author. fshgjkdfhgdfjkhgjkdfhgjkfdhgkdfhgjkdfh gjkhdfjlkghdflkhgkdhg dfgdmnbfgmjhdfbgjkdfbgjkdfhgjkd fshgjkdfhgjlkdfhgjkdfhgjlkdfhglkhdfhgd


I love this novel but I think I'm gonna drop it. If there's one thing I hate in my life, it's tragedy. It is already stated that whatever and however much our MC suffered, he's going to die in The hands of the destroyer. So I'd rather drop it before I start crying foul later on.