11 two mortal kids, and..?

"There is something I wanted to ask, what exactly did I master? the major law of truth? or just a minor one?" Robin asked. there were no records on this path so he didn't even know what he pursued or did he achieved.

"truth is truth, my little friend... there are very few master paths that have just one law, and the truth is one of them."

"... How did you know about my situation? how the truth law *told you*, who are you? what can I call you?" Robin kept asking, he knew if the humanoid left it would be very difficult to meet him again

"You don't need to know all those details now. just know that I'm like you, someone who built his pillars by the law of truth. People like us are very rare even in the scoop of the entire universe, I could not stand seeing one die at such a young age, particularly someone as special as you.

"You asked about my name... I forgot it. Don't be surprised, when you live as long as I did, you will lose focus on such trivial matters. But currently, they call me the all-Seeing God. oh, by the way I am the ruler of a few middle-aged planets" said the man of light as if it were normal.

" Ruler ...middle-aged Planets? What do you mean by that?"

"that also you don't need to know. hey, you can call me a all-seeing big brother hahaha. I will leave with you a sliver of my soul, you can use it to ask me anything if you encounter an obstacle, but beware.. I may not answer you! I have interfered with the fate of this planet enough.

One last thing.. when you go back to the first level of the energy foundation and start to see the patterns.. be nice and don't consume everything.. leave something for the latter generation, don't rape the planet." The man of light laughed loudly as his body dissipated. then a small point of light separated from him and entered Robin's head.

The Light Man's words sent Robin into dizziness 'patterns? What is this..?' But he quickly regained his calm, thinking would not do him any good before regaining the first level of his energy foundation.

Then he turned his eyes to Caesar, who had also completed his transformation, and turned back to a 12-year-old boy "Hahaha you look nicer now."

Caesar looked at his father in astonishment and said, "Who are you talking about? I didn't know that you were so handsome and cute, All my life I've known you like an old fart, I want to pinch your cheeks!" Caesar approached, lifting his hands all the way near to Robin cheeks.

In fact, there was one thing the all-seeing god neglected to mention, this body-rebuilding operation was not that simple - the main purpose of which was to actually save Robin, but his current body has still tested the effect of several major laws, it turned near perfect! Any weaknesses in him have disappeared and his features have become more defined as if they were drawn with a pen.

In general, he still retains the structure of his original face and body, but whoever knows him previously and looks closely will find that he has become more handsome... Of course, the same applies to Caesar.

"Off my face, you unfilial child! Even if I look younger don't forget that I'm still your adoptive father. hey... I think we should plan what we're going to do next..." said Robin as he went to his bed, placing one leg on top of the other and supported his chin with one of his hands. but suddenly he stood up and jumped, "yahahoooo!!!" then, "Ahem..." and sat down again in the same position..

Caesar sat on the floor next to the bed and looked up, waiting for what his father would say.

"Obviously, we can't stay here. If the beasts knew we had become mortals, they'd fight over who bites our bones first. We've caused them some serious damage over the last century, so I don't blame them," Robin said as he moved his fingers resting on his chin.

"But where will we go, dad? Since I opened my eyes to the world we lived in this cave... If we went to the border villages, they would not know us, we would be treated as two orphan children, we might even be subjected to enslavement."

"Oh.. in fact, I am a descendant of a large family in the Duchy of Alton called the Burton family, there are tens of thousands bearing the family name and many times the number of slaves and soldiers, they will not mind the two of us if we go back, some of the old bastards there must still remember my childhood appearance! ...but I guess that wouldn't work, the reason i left them earlier is that I don't like the feeling of being used, and surly they wouldn't keep quiet when they see my current body or while watching our training speed."

"...Didn't you say that these scrolls are precious? Why don't we sell one, buy a house from the profit, and live with what's left, after a few years we'll be strong enough to roam freely." stated Caesar.

"oh, you reminded me!" Robin suddenly got up and grabbed the candle on his desk then threw it over the pile of scrolls.

"Wh- what the hell are you doing? Are you insane? this is the hard work that you spent all your life on!!" Caesar yelled loudly, almost going mad at the sight in front of him. Although he himself did not care much about these scrolls, he knew that they were everything for Robin, he gave his life to write them, how did he take the decision to burn them so easily?

"The hard work that I spent my life on, is in my head. I was constantly recording this to leave behind a legacy that benefits the world and immortalizes my name, wasn't this why I trained you so hard ? to get strong enough to spread my work on my behalf. but I don't need this anymore!

It's not like I've become stingy... But the right time hasn't come yet. If one of these scrolls comes out to light now, we will be pursued immediately by enemies that we cannot withstand, either they hunt and torture us to get the rest of the scrolls or make me work as a slave for them for the rest of my life... i really want to publish my findings, but like this! ...of course, there might be someone smart and try to protect a talent like me, but I wouldn't leave such an important matter to fate! or why do you think I hadn't sold or published one of them earlier you genius?" Robin said sarcastically.

"...so? what to do? Now we really have no source of money or a place to shelter, we are both just weak kids.. damn.. you just had to ask him to rebuild my body, didn't you? I could have provided protection and a stable income for both of us! Why did you put us in This miserable situation.. since when you and I need someone to take care of us?" Caesar yelled angrily.

"Of course I thought about it, but I had to take this bet and give you this chance to get stronger. have you heard the humanoid? speaking about planets and big stuff!

with the law of truth, I'm destined to walk a long and thorny road. you are my son, even if it is by name only! we have spent almost three decades together... I won't use you to protect me at first then cast you aside when I advance further. We both have to move forward together!

You want to protect me? fine.. I'll focus on my research, and you Focus on your cultivation and protect me... for the rest of your life! I will not get you off easy you wretched bastard," Robin said with a laugh while patting Caesar's head.

Caesar was silent and looked toward the ground, his eyes filled with tears, then smiled and quickly wiped them and raised his head to look at Robin, who turned his back to him and headed towards the entrance of the cave... So he got up and went behind him thinking 'You saved me from the mouths of animals, You fed me, taught me and trained me.. there hasn't been one day when I felt like an orphan.. you say protect you for the rest of your life? I swear that even if the death god himself came for you, I will shield you.'

There was a long silence as Robin sat in front of the cave with Caesar behind him... Then he rose up and shouted, "I remember! There's a rich girl who owed me over a century ago. It's time to give her a chance to pay off her debt!"

"Huh? Over a century? Do you think she'll remember you? Heh~ At least we have a place to start... Where is she?"

"The Duchy of Bradley! start packing..get the money we have left and a few fruits from the garden... that peacock looks good too, cut some meat from it and bring it with us to eat on our way.. we have a long trip!" Robin laughed loudly

Caesar was shocked by what he heard.. he wanted to go to another duchy! Although the Duchy of Bradley is on the border with the Duchy of Alton, the distance is still far, secondly, he doesn't just want to go to the borders of the Duchy of Bradley, but look for a girl inside!

This will take a few weeks!! But he trusted his father's intelligence and went to start packing.

Just like that... the journey that will change the world has begun, with two mortal kids and one canned peacock.

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