4 Chapter 4: Everything Was Within His Calculations

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The noise of the playground entered the principal's ears. Hearing the intermittent words about awakening the succubus unit, the principal raised his eyebrows.

These immature little guys should not be confused by the succubus' appearance.

Although the succubus' body is indeed very moist... cough, I mean very charming, but you guys can't control it.

You can't be misled by the succubus' appearance!

With this thought in mind, the principal looked at Ren Qi's screen, wanting to use a ready-made example to educate the surrounding students.

However, when his gaze fell on Ren Qi's screen, the principal was stunned immediately.

Th-this motherf*cker... how come this guy is already approaching the third spider demon territory?

He remembered that this guy had chosen a Nightmare-level difficulty, right?

Shouldn't he be standing at the entrance with his succubi, shivering?

Why was he still the fastest?

Li Dongyang raised his eyes and looked at Ren Qi's screen. A gratified look appeared in his eyes.

"To be able to use a succubus soldier to quickly enter the third spider demon territory, Ren Qi's knowledge hasn't been wasted."

The surrounding students' gazes were also drawn over. Looking at Ren Qi's speed, they were all shocked.

"Is this really a Nightmare-level Spider Demon Cave? Why does it look even simpler than the ordinary ones?"

"What are you thinking? Can't you see that the spider demons inside are all level 50 adults? They must be Nightmare-level."

"Hmph! There's nothing to be surprised about. It's just relying on the succubus' charm. It's still a trash unit. Once it materializes, it'll just be waiting to die."

According to the textbook, succubi were trash soldiers among Tier 3. Other than charm, their combat strength was extremely low.

Even if the Spider Demon Cave's test was beneficial to the succubi's performance, after materializing in the real world, the succubus would definitely not be as good as the other soldiers when facing the surrounding monsters.

The surrounding students also nodded. After all, there was a Lord who used the succubus in his prostitut*on business first. Because of that, their perceptions about the succubus' weak nature had already been deeply ingrained in their minds.

"Hmph! What do you know? Do you think he's simply relying on the succubi's charm? Haven't you noticed? Ren Qi is extremely familiar with the Spider Demon Cave and is able to accurately find the replacement times of the various spider demon territories," Li Dongyang said with a cold snort.

The surrounding students were stunned for a moment. After taking a closer look, they discovered that it was indeed the case.

"That's right. The other students are all carefully exploring the Spider Demon Cave, but this fellow seems to know what's ahead. He seems to have a plan in mind."

"I remember now. Ren Qi was the number one in our entire school's mock exam every time. His Lord-tier knowledge is superior to everyone else's!"

"The Spider Demon Cave is a remote demon cave. Very few people know about its situation, but Ren Qi knows everything about it."

The eyes of some of the first and second-year high school girls were already beginning to sparkle.

"So handsome. Is this considered using Lord-tier knowledge to make up for the shortcomings of the soldiers?"

"I've always been disdainful of such words. I didn't think that he could really do it."

The principal watched Ren Qi's livestream and narrowed his eyes. This little guy was quite interesting.

"Not only that, look! When there's no charm available, if he's in the spider demon area, he can skillfully command the two succubi beside him to dodge the spider demon's attacks.

"Moreover, his own speed is very fast. He can completely dodge the spider demon's attack on his own. He won't put his own troops in a dangerous situation just because he wants them to block the spider demon's attack for him."

"He should have trained his body. Speaking of which, I often see Senior Ren Qi running in the campus. A person's troops are far stronger than their own body, so very few people train themselves. I didn't expect it to have such an effect."

At this moment, a desert spider demon spat out spider silk from its mouth, aimed at Ren Qi. At the same time, it raised its two legs and thrust them at Ren Qi.

Everyone was shocked, but then they saw Ren Qi calmly dodge the spider silk from the desert spider demon. Then, a succubus next to him took the opportunity to charm the spider demon.

The charm time had just reset.

"This! So close! So lucky! If not for the charm time, I'm afraid the assessment would have ended."

"No! This isn't luck. Look, senior Ren Qi's expression didn't change at all. That succubus seems to have been prepared long ago."

"This... all of this is in senior Ren Qi's calculations!"

Everyone was shocked!

Such precise calculations were simply abnormal. After all, this was a battle, and most of the first-time examinees would be nervous. Not to mention calculations, it was already good enough for them to not be confused.

However, Ren Qi was able to remain calm and calculate accurately in the Nightmare-level assessment.

In addition to his understanding of the Spider Demon Cave, even the succubus unit, which was known as trash, displayed godly control in his hands.

"Isn't this just showing off? This is too show-off!"

"So cool. This beautiful dodge makes the level 50 spider demon completely helpless against him."

"Look, the positioning of the two succubi is also very clever. There's one in front and one in the back, separated left and right. Each succubi is facing two spider demons. Due to the narrow nature of the Spider Demon Cave, even though there are clearly four spider demons with aggro, only three can actually attack them."

"This... how the f*ck can they block monsters? Look at the other people in such a sorry state. This is simply an outstanding performance!"


This was the understanding that the teachers and students present had of Ren Qi's performance.

There were no other words that could describe the current Ren Qi more accurately.

He blocked at the right position and accurately calculated the charm time. Even if the two succubi were in the process of recovering, he could still rely on his calm operation to dodge all the spider demons' attacks.

Swish! The show was at its peak!

The entire school's teachers and students picked up their phones and began to record the scene on the screen.

After all, this video had been uploaded onto the internet, allowing everyone to see Ren Qi's flawless control.

The principal and the class teachers beside them were also amazed. They were endlessly admiring Ren Qi's calmness and calculation.

"He's a student in your class, right? His performance is really not bad."

The principal changed his previous attitude and smiled at Li Dongyang.

Li Dongyang said, "Yes, Ren Qi has always been the number one in the school. If only he could awaken a slightly stronger class..."

The principal was also startled. "I was wondering why this name was so familiar. It's a pity. Although the succubus class was displayed to perfection in his hands, its combat strength is still too weak. It's destined to not go far."

Li Dongyang also shook his head with a bitter smile. It was a pity. He was such a good seedling.

The succubus army was destined to not be able to go far.

But even so, it could not stop him from showing off now.

Everyone's gaze was firmly fixed on Ren Qi's screen. In the beginning, they were certain that he would be eliminated in two minutes. Now, they were looking forward to whether he would be able to clear the stage or not.

If he could clear the stage and pass the assessment, it would really showcase his skills and give him lots of opportunities for the future.

It was showtime!

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