3 Chapter 3: Powerful Charm!

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Stepping on the ground, Ren Qi found himself in a dark cave.

The surroundings were a little damp, giving off a faint stench. The passage ahead was long and pitch-black, giving off an inexplicable sense of terror.

A Tier 2 Spider Demon Cave!

Nightmare difficulty!

The spider demons here would be directly upgraded to an adult level 50. For an initial Level 1 unit, it could be said that they would die upon contact, even if the opponent was only at Tier 2.

Unless they had awakened a top-tier unit above Tier 6, no one would dare to attempt such a feat. Dying after trying was akin to announcing their failure in advance.

All the memories of the Spider Demon Cave appeared in Ren Qi's mind. Taking a deep breath, he headed forward.

After awakening, a recruited soldier could only appear after the Lord's Space materialized. However, during the assessment, they could be summoned from the Lord's Space.

With a thought, two fiery bodies appeared on either side of Ren Qi.

Ren Qi had named the two succubi Elise and Risa.

He did not choose to let his soldiers stand in front of him. Instead, Ren Qi let Elise and Risa wrap themselves in the middle and walked forward together.

As they walked, Ren Qi tried his best to sense everything around him.

After walking for dozens of steps, two red lights suddenly lit up in the darkness above them. A red thread suddenly shot toward Ren Qi.

"It's here!"

Ren Qi quickly took a step back and dodged the red thread. On the left, Elise took a step forward. A pink light appeared in her palm and quickly shot toward the attacker.

A huge red spider demon appeared on top of the cave. Its entire body was red, and it gave off a scorching aura.

The red thread missed Ren Qi and hit the ground, instantly burning a hole in the ground, emitting smoke.

The Scarlet Flame Spider Demon was one of the spider demons found in the Spider Demon Cave, and the web it ejected carried properties of gunpowder.

This information appeared in Ren Qi's mind, and he quickly retreated to a safe distance.

At this moment, the pink light in Elise's palm had already focused on the scarlet flame spider demon, causing its red eyes to sway for a moment before turning into the shape of a heart.


The gigantic scarlet flame spider demon landed on the ground and crawled towards Elise. It bent its body, and its eyes were filled with the expression of an LSP[1].

A smile appeared on the corner of Ren Qi's mouth. He had succeeded.

The charm of a mutated succubus was five times stronger than that of an ordinary succubus. In addition to the suppression of Tier 3 against Tier 2, even though it was 50 levels behind, the charm had still succeeded.

After the charm had succeeded, Ren Qi could check the charm duration.

One minute!

The time was not very long. It could even be said to be a little short, but it was enough.

Ren Qi brought Elise and Risa to the scarlet flame spider demon and had Elise command it to quickly charge into the cave.

Along the way, streaks of red light lit up, and several figures of scarlet flame spider demons appeared. However, when they saw the scarlet flame spider demon running rapidly carrying Ren Qi and his group, they stopped their attack and their expressions portrayed their confusion.

Spider demons were not very intelligent, so they could not understand why their kind would carry their food forward. By the time they reacted, Ren Qi and the others were long gone.

When one minute was almost up, Ren Qi asked Risa to continue to charm the scarlet flame spider demon under him and continue forward.

After a charm succeeded, it would go into a 3-minute cooldown. The duration was only one minute, and there was a two-minute gap in between.

However, when there was still half a minute left in the charm, Ren Qi asked the scarlet flame spider demon to stop.

The scarlet flame spider demon under his feet was already foaming at the mouth, looking as if it had been played badly.

During the enchantment time, Ren Qi had directly asked it to rush forward at full speed, which had really exhausted it.

In front of him was a large red area, several hundred meters long. It was completely composed of the scarlet flame spider demon's spider web, emitting high temperatures.

For the students in this assessment, this area was the biggest problem.

Although the spider web of Normal difficulty would not cover so much of the space, it was still very difficult to move forward in such a large area of crimson flame spider web.

Of course, for Ren Qi, it was very simple.

The reason why Ren Qi stopped was to wait for the two succubi to reset their charm timers. According to the information of the Spider Demon Cave in his memory, after passing through this spider web, they would enter the next spider demon's territory.

At that time, if the scarlet flame spider demon directly barged in, it would be directly attacked by the other party.

After Elise and Risa recovered their charm, Ren Qi let Elise charm a new scarlet flame spider demon and headed towards the scarlet flame web.

With the scarlet flame spider demon as a mount, crossing the scarlet flame spider web in front of them was as easy as walking on flat ground. They passed through it very quickly.

The ice in front of them made Ren Qi raise his eyebrows. It should be the domain of the Frost Spider Demon.

Oh, the dual heavens of ice and fire!


An angry hiss came from the front. A huge frost spider demon suddenly appeared and pounced at Ren Qi.

Ren Qi solemnly instructed Elise to command the crimson flame spider demon under him to face the enemy. Then, he asked them to wait for Elise's charm to cool down.

The battle between the crimson flame spider demon and the frost spider demon was very intense. Ren Qi realized that as the battle went on, the charm duration of the crimson flame spider demon was rapidly decreasing. It would be gone in less than ten seconds!

It seemed that the battle would weaken the charm. Of course, this might also have something to do with the lower level of Elise.

When the crimson flame spider demon completely broke away from the charm and saw that it had actually entered the frost spider demon's territory, it immediately shivered and quickly ran back to its own territory.

Ren Qi took the opportunity to have Risa control the frost spider demon in front of him. Then, he followed the same method and continued to move forward.

Ren Qi's actions were currently being broadcasted live on the screen, causing everyone to be stunned.

At first, they thought that Ren Qi wouldn't be able to last more than five minutes after entering the Nightmare-level Spider Demon Cave. They didn't expect Ren Qi to advance by one-fifth.

Moreover, it was effortless.

Looking at the other examinees fighting the spider demons with all their might on the screen and moving forward with difficulty in the area covered by the spider web, everyone felt that it was a little magical.

Was this really a Tier 3 succubus?

The Tier 5 golden tiger next door was already trapped in the area covered by the flaming spider web. It was howling as it endured the flaming power of the spider web and struggled to move forward.

"Is this really a succubus that can be played with and cannot be used for combat? Why do I feel that it's so strong?"

"Yeah, he chose the Nightmare level, but has already reached the frost spider demon. Meanwhile, the fastest person among the ones who chose the Normal difficulty has only entered the area covered by the flaming spider web."

"Isn't his charm too strong? Does a Tier 3 succubus have such a strong charm?"

"I want to awaken the succubus recruitment pool as well. It can play and... cough, cough, I mean, it suits my knowledge better. Why are you all looking at me like that?"

Ren Qi did not know that his actions had already shocked the entire audience. He had even led some of students from the first and second year to start hoping to awaken the succubus recruitment pool.

[1]LSP: it's either referring to Love-sick puppy or an internet slang about a dirty old man

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