2 Chapter 2: Mental Breakdown?

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Ren Qi was stunned.

Mutated succubus recruitment pool?

And it was unique!

Ren Qi realized something and quickly checked the attributes of the two succubi beside him.

[ Mutated Succubus ]

[ Tier: Tier 3 Succubus, can mutate]

[ Level: level 1, 10% chance to level up every 10 levels ]

[ Loyalty: 100(Die-hard) ]

[ PS: There is a chance for a Tier 9 mutated succubus to mutate into a fallen angel every 10 levels. ]

[ PS: The lowest tier two-winged fallen angel is at the level of a demigod when it reaches adulthood at level 50. ]

The two succubi had the same attributes. They were both mutated succubi!

Now, Ren Qi finally understood that this stone statue was not a succubus. It was a fallen angel!

If the lowest-tier two-winged fallen angel was already a demigod when it reached adulthood, how terrifying would an 18-winged fallen angel like this stone statue be?

However, the probability of a mutated succubus appearing in a Tier 1 recruitment pool was extremely low. Ren Qi's luck was off the charts, and two of them had appeared. He still needed to raise the level of the recruitment pool.

Following which, Ren Qi frowned. To raise the recruitment pool to Tier 2 recruitment pool required 100 energy crystals and 2 magic crystals. It was simply terrifying.

One had to know that it was enough to raise an ordinary recruitment pool to Tier 2 with just 10 Energy Crystals.

One would have a chance to obtain energy crystals by killing monsters. However, one would need to kill monsters above Tier 5 to obtain magic crystals, which was extremely difficult.

Moreover, during the month before the territory materialized, he could recruit two succubi a day. After the territory materialized, he would need 10 energy crystals to recruit two succubi.

Although Ren Qi was pleasantly surprised by the mutated succubi, the demand for energy crystals was greater than the amount required by an ordinary Lord.

However, as long as he improved, he would be fine. If he could only recruit ordinary succubi, he wouldn't be able to survive in such a world.

The first place reward in the test this time included 100 energy crystals. It seemed like he had to strive to become the first place in the test this time.

Although he only had two Tier 3 mutated succubi, he still had a chance.

After all, mutated succubi had five times the charm of ordinary succubi. As long as he used it well, he could obtain excellent results.

The next day.

It was the time for the assessment. All the 18-year-old awakened students of Qingyun High had gathered in the huge field.

In front of the field stood an ancient bronze mirror, quietly suspended in the air, emitting a gentle light. On it was engraved the word 'Secret'.

This was the Secret Mirror, a secret treasure of a Tier 9 Lord. There was a demon cave sealed within it for the assessment.

This assessment was conducted throughout the entire country. The demon caves that one entered were all the same, and the mission was the same as well. Whoever completed the mission first would be the winner.

The number one in the province was ranked first in each province, and the number one in the country was the top scorer!

The resources subsidized by the country would be distributed according to the rankings.

"Students, when the Secret Mirror opens, the assessment will begin. When you enter the Secret Mirror, each of you will enter the Secret Mirror Space separately. There will be a mission notification. If you complete the mission, you will pass the assessment."

The chief examiner's voice reverberated across the field, causing everyone's expressions to become excited.

"I wonder what the test mission will be this time. I hope that it will be compatible with my recruited army."

"This time, I must strive to enter the top ten of the entire school. That way, I will be able to obtain decent resources and survive better after the Lord's Space materializes."

"My recruited army is the Golden Tiger. Even the number one spot in the entire school cannot satisfy me. I want to compete for the number one spot in Jiangnan!"

Everyone was rubbing their hands together. After all, the Secret Mirror would ensure everyone's safety. This was one of the few opportunities to obtain resources safely.

At 10 am sharp, the Secret Mirror in front of them shone brightly. A door of light opened, and all the examinees' bodies shook as they headed towards the door.

Stepping into the light door, everyone's sea of consciousness was filled with the magic cave's attributes and the mission objectives of the assessment.

[ Secret Mirror: Spider Demon Cave ]

[ Tier: Tier 2]

[ Level: Level 10 Spider Demon ]

[ Difficulty: Simple/Difficult/Nightmare ]

[ Mission: pass through the long Spider Demon Cave and obtain the shadow stone in the depths of the Spider Demon Cave ]

[ Requirements: The troops must not die. Death will be considered a failure ]

[ Warm reminder: the Spider Demon's combat strength is not high, but the traps and spider webs scattered everywhere will be your biggest problem. ]

Receiving this information, all the examinees felt relieved. Thankfully, the Tier 2 Spider Demon Cave was not very threatening.

The monsters were divided into nine tiers. The higher the tier, the stronger they would be when they grew up.

The level 10 Spider Demon was underage and was still at Tier 2. For most examinees, this reduced a lot of pressure.

After all, they had just awakened yesterday. After a day's time, all of their troops were still at level 1, and they were also underage.

Ren Qi remembered that during last year's assessment, the exam had directly created a Tier 5 demon cave. Most of the examinees' troops had been directly destroyed in it, and the losses far outweighed the gains.

Ren Qi felt this information, and his brows unconsciously furrowed.

The Spider Demon Cave was considered a relatively remote demon cave. It was not in the textbooks, but he had browsed through other information and knew that the Spider Demon Cave was very difficult to deal with.

There were all kinds of spider demons in the Spider Demon Cave. The silk they spat out had different effects and was extremely difficult to deal with.

Even though it was only a Tier 2 cave, it was still extremely difficult to enter the depths of the Spider Demon Cave.

However, Ren Qi only pondered for a moment before choosing the difficulty and stepping into the Spider Demon Cave.

At this moment, all the class teachers were present on the field. The principal and the students from the first and second years of high school were all in the audience seats.

With a wave of the examiner's hand, a huge curtain rose up on the field, revealing the scene of every examinee entering the Spider Demon Cave.

It was a panoramic view!

"I wonder how many people will choose the highest difficulty this time. After all, the higher the difficulty, the higher the final score."

"If their troops aren't too strong or if they're not extremely confident, I would suggest not blindly choosing the higher difficulties. Otherwise, directly failing or wasting more time would not be worth the loss."

"F*ck! Look, there's a fierce person! He directly chose Nightmare difficulty!"

A shocked voice instantly attracted everyone's attention. Qingyun High had been around for so many years, but no one had ever chosen Nightmare difficulty.

"Nightmare difficulty. Although this difficulty provides the highest score, the difficulty also increases by several times."

"Even if it's a Tier 2 demon cave, the initial recruited soldier is only level 1. How could he dare?"

"Could it be that he has recruited something Tier 5 or above?"

At that moment, everyone's gaze landed on Ren Qi's screen. Beside the screen, the soldier and level were displayed.

"Hm? The soldier is a succubus?"

"The succubus is only a Tier 3 soldier. It's not strong, and its combat strength is weak even among Tier 3 soldiers. How did he dare to choose Nightmare difficulty?"

"Could it be that he played with the succubus for too long last night, causing him to lose his mind?"

Lords could interact with their units, but they needed the consent of the unit. Otherwise, their loyalty would drop. The loyalty of the Lord who relied on the succubus to make a living[1] was about to drop.

Principal Qingyun's expression darkened. Choosing Nightmare difficulty with just a Tier 3 soldier? Wasn't this just fooling around?

Ren Qi's class teacher, Li Dongyang, was also stunned. His expression was one of utter shock.

Ren Qi was the number one in the entire school. He paid attention to his studies and was usually very calm. The pressure before the test was great, so he hadn't asked him about the recruited unit. He didn't expect him to directly go all out!

Did he not know that it was impossible for a Tier 3 unit[2] to clear the Nightmare difficulty?

Could it be that he had suffered a mental breakdown?

T/l notes:

[1] Talking about the Lord who used his succubus recruits for prostitut*on

[2] Soldier or unit means the same thing here: 1 recruited member

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