12 Chapter 12: Alliance Recruitment!

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After all the rewards had been moved into his room, Ren Qi sorted out all the items.

[1,000 kilograms of Tier 1 demonic meat ]

[1,000 kilograms of Tier 2 demonic meat ]

[500 kilograms of Tier 3 demonic meat ]

[520 energy crystals ]

[30 million energy coins ]

[1 magic crystal ]

These were all official rewards plus gifts from the other alliances. It could be said that they were rich. Just the energy coins alone were 30 million.

Energy coins were currently in circulation. 30 million energy coins could buy 30,000 kilograms of Tier 1 demonic meat. It was a considerable amount of wealth.

This was the charm of the college entrance examination!

With these rewards, Ren Qi could quickly increase his strength after the Lord's Space materialized, blocking the attacks of the surrounding monsters.

One had to know that this was not a game. There was no protection period. After the Lord's Space materialized, he could be attacked by the monsters at any time.

Therefore, this one month was the only time available for the lords who were about to materialize their Lord's Space to increase their strength.

Some second-generation lords could use their parents' resources to raise the level of their troops, build their territory's defense, and prepare for the materialization.

Poor students would also think of ways to save money in the few years before they reached 18. A month after they awakened their troops, they would make use of all kinds of opportunities to earn money.

Of course, if one awakened a super strong combat unit, they could soar to the sky and pass the assessment to receive a national reward.

Even if they made a mistake during the assessment, a large number of alliances would come looking for them to help them raise the strength of their territory. Of course, the condition was that the new lords had to join them.

Ren Qi rejected many alliances' invitations. His recruited unit was special and he didn't want others to discover it.

Moreover, although he could receive protection by joining an alliance, there were also many restrictions. Ren Qi did not like it.

In any case, the rewards he had received were enough to give him a good start after his territory materialized.

After arranging everything, Ren Qi began to transport these things into the Lord's Space.

This process was very taxing on one's mental strength. It was not something that could be completed in a short period of time.

However, Ren Qi wasn't in a hurry. There were only four succubi right now, so he didn't need too many resources.

Ren Qi needed to make good use of this demonic meat. He wanted to create a succubus army before the Lord's Space materialized. At the very least, he needed many level 50 adult succubi.

Otherwise, even if they were mutated succubi and their charm was extremely strong, their combat power as a Tier 3 minor[1] was still too low.

After transporting some demonic meat, Ren Qi rested. There were too many of these things, and it consumed a lot of his mental energy. After transporting some items, he was a little tired.

At this moment, Ren Qi's phone, which was placed at the side, vibrated continuously. Phone calls and messages swarmed over, as if they were going to blow up his phone.

Ren Qi took a look, hung up the phone and gave a brief reply if it was a message from the teachers or classmates.

Ren Qi didn't pay any attention to other messages such as alliance invitations.

There were even a few who wanted Ren Qi to give up his territory and become a city idol.

Ren Qi found it ridiculous!

Although many cities were protected by Tier 9 lords' territories and were very safe, giving up one's territory was the stupidest thing in this world.

Because as long as one gave up one's territory, even if one became the most popular star and received hundreds of millions of yuan in remuneration, they would still be controlled by a high-level lord.

Only those extremely short-sighted fellows would give up their status as a lord and hide in the cities to struggle for their lives.

Moreover, people without territories would be looked down upon in the cities. No matter how rich they were, their status would be extremely low.

Principal Zhao also sent Ren Qi a message about the recruitment of the National Alliance.

Although Ren Qi only had a tier-3 succubus unit, he had performed extremely well and had reached the third place, thereby becoming a scouting flower[2]. Naturally, the Dragon Kingdom Alliance would try to recruit him.

After all, for a national-level alliance, any kind of unit could be used.

Ren Qi frowned. He didn't intend to join the National Alliance.

Although the National Alliance provided the highest security and the best treatment...

The restrictions were also the greatest.

Moreover, his own units were most suited for secret development. In the alliance, he was afraid that he would be easily exposed.

However, he still had to go and meet the recruiters of the National Alliance.

After that, another group of calls came. Ren Qi looked at them and immediately hung up.

They were all distant relatives. They didn't even contact each other on a regular basis. When they learned that Ren Qi had reached the third place, they all rushed over.

Some people even sent a message asking Ren Qi to help them with some resources. It was simply ridiculous.

One by one, their Lord's Space had materialized. Some of them had already stabilized their footing, yet they still wanted resources from a person who was preparing to materialize his Lord's Space.

How shameless!

Sitting on the chair, Ren Qi was also thinking about how to spend the thirty million energy coins.

Ren Qi had no intention of saving money. On the contrary, he wanted to spend the money before the Lord's Space materialized.

After all, no one knew where the Lord's Space would be. If they were in a region with many monsters, they could easily lose everything if they didn't prepare in advance.

There were some prudent lords who stored resources but did not use them during the month. They would wait for the Lord's Space to materialize to see where it was before they maximized the use of their resources.

If one were lucky, they could materialize in places where there were fewer monsters. Resources could indeed be maximized.

However, if one were unlucky, they would be devoured by the monsters before they could use the resources in the places where there were many monsters.

It was best to get rid of this kind of cleverness in advance.

The troops were the foundation, and the best use of energy coins was naturally to buy demonic meat.

However, Ren Qi had enough demonic meat and did not really need it, so he prepared to buy some defensive items to strengthen the defense of his territory.

Opening his phone, Ren Qi prepared to look up information on territorial defense, but he did not expect that every place was filled with news about him.

'A lord with a Tier 3 succubus has become a top scorer and cleared the Nightmare level assessment. What secret weapon does he have?'

'A student from Qingyun used a Tier 3 succubus to suppress the geniuses of the various provinces and became a scouting flower. This is simply a miracle!'

'Shocking! Many of the juniors have threatened to have children with the miracle-maker, but they have already started fighting with each other, tearing each other's clothes off. Let's now hear from Kang Kang reporting live.'

Ren Qi couldn't help but click his tongue. He didn't expect the headlines to be so crazy.

A group of headline fans.

After briefly checking some information on territorial defense and recovering his spirit, Ren Qi got up and headed to the school, preparing to meet the National Alliance's recruiters.

At this time, in the principal's office of Qingyun High School, Principal Zhao was talking to a man in a suit who had an arrogant look on his face.

"Alliance Leader Li, aren't the people from the National Alliance supposed to be here to recruit Ren Qi? Why are the people from the Northern Expedition Alliance here?" Principal Zhao was a little puzzled.

Although the Northern Expedition Alliance was a vassal of the National Alliance, it was not the National Alliance, after all.

The person addressed as Alliance Leader Li said disdainfully, "A guy who has awakened a Tier 3 succubus unit is still worthy of being recruited by the National Alliance?"

"If he hadn't gotten lucky and become a scouting flower, I wouldn't have come."

"The National Alliance's quota is full. He did achieve third place overall, so I'm reluctantly accepting him."

"By the way, why isn't this guy here yet? I'm already giving him face. If you ask me to wait any longer, I'll just leave!"


[1] minor here refers to a recruited unit that hasn't reached level 50

[2]scouting flower: the top 3 ranked students were considered scouting flowers and were considered important potential candidates for recruitment

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