70 Construction and Topographical Reconstruction

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A golden card appeared in Kant's mind.

However, there was a ball of light imprinted on it instead of a pattern. If one were to look carefully, one could see that the ball of light was actually made up of countless tiny mystical symbols.

Kant's breathing quickened.

Kant was familiar with these mystical symbols.

He had come into contact with these symbols during his internship in the Academy, and the system had even given him a temporary side quest.

The magic patterns of a Mage.

The two pages Kant owned, as well as the mysterious symbols on the sun disk, were all somewhat related.

It was said that current magic was something that some mages figured out and created after archaeology of those glorious civilizations. The mages of the Dukedom of Leo naturally also possessed part of the magic inheritance.

But Kant never thought that it would appear in his own system.

He felt a little thirsty.

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