1 The baby

Deep within the Silent Woods, west of the Great Hygerdall Mountains. This was a land where the law of the jungle reigned supreme. Trees had their heads in the clouds and divine beasts as tall as mountains slumbered and fought for supremacy within these lands. If any of these massive beings wandered outside it would plunge the world into chaos. However these ferocious beasts were currently cowering in their lairs; all eyes towards the center of the Silent Woods.

It was a vast area of land scarred by destruction from eons ago... Every month with an inhumane groan the land would release a giant wave of death Qi into the outside world. Due to the eternal suppression of the highest laws on the land the death Qi would dissipate after just traveling a few kilometers. Scenes of a cruel battle could be seen in the sky during this phenomenon, with deities being turned to ash with a single strike and immortals praying to live, crying tears of blood. In that primordial war many mighty, "invincible" existences perished in ultimate agony as they laid down their lives for what they believed in. The remnants of the battlefield depicted the heaven shattering prowess of the participants. The land was littered with spatial tears, the largest of which would swallow entire worlds! Stars filled the ground, half buried by time and the earth, and divine treasures were strewn about like trash.

There were even some areas were the Heavenly Laws themselves would not touch! These places were extremely mysterious, surrounded by a black haze that distorted everything. The laws of the world would naturally approach these areas but pull back as fast as they could, as if they've met their worst enemy. This phenomenon caused reality itself to twist leaving viewers with nothing but the fear of the unknown.

In the very center of the battlefield a mountain of giant bones were present. Every single one of these bones were 2 meters long at the very least, and glowed with a pale immortal glow that refused to be blemished by anything. Even after billions of years these immortal bones laid here as if no time has passed at all, not willing to bend to the test of time. Right behind the mountain of bones stood an ancient throne that dwarfed the mountain. The throne looked as if it was about to submit to time and crumble away in any second, however it also looked as if it would stay this way forever. Covered in ineligible glowing symbols the gigantic throne seemed to look down on the mountain of bones. Even after being damaged it was a supreme artifact, it naturally retained its eternal pride!

Suddenly a white glow covered the battlefield, and as fast as it came, it went away. The battlefield still remained the same in every way, stars and weapons lying around and destruction and death ruling supreme. However in this desolate landscape a hint of life was suddenly present. If one would look closely at the ancient throne, they would see a life form wriggling around on the seat. It was like a speck of dust compared to the throne however it was so eye catching due to the contrast with the scenery. With pale soft skin, a curious pair of bright golden eyes and a patch of jet black hair it was... a baby!