1 Chapter 1: The All Knowing

My name is Tristan Chishiki, my sister is Shurui Chishiki, and our parents died when we were both in highschool. My mother was European so she insisted on giving me a name from her homeland, and I was stuck with a knight of the round table, hell of a name to live up to.

Shurui is only a year younger than me, but we are vastly different. I have always had a younger complexion, while she looked more mature, but in all reality, I was the mature one, I just had the looks of a playboy. Shurui was also more kind and friendly, while I just didn't care much about the people around me, as all of them were not as smart as I was, and did not interest me in the slightest. It's not that I'm bragging about being smart, I just have enough proof to support it.

While everyone was off having the time of their lives I was studying, on everything and anything. From literature to quantum physics, I knew a good amount about everything there was to know. But what interested me most of all, was warfare. From the weapons and armour to the complex battle strategies that it used. I was fascinated by it all, but nowadays there was not much use for it, but that didn't stop me from learning all I could about it. From the sharpness of an archer to the elegance and dance of the spear, along with all the battle strategies used from Sun Tzu's art of war to more modern day tactics. I loved it. And coupling that with everything else that there was to learn in the world, I was sure that I would never lose any type of battle, ever.

It was an average day in my family's home. And by family I mean me and my sister Shurui. As her name meant, she was a kind little sister, never got into any trouble and was always as helpful as she could be. Luckily our uncle Bagu, who was a scientist, always sent us enough money to be able to live and keep in the schools we wanted, although most of what money we had came from various fighting competitions I participated in, the most recent one I got second place in. I studied as much as I could and my sister would try to do her best, but sometimes slacked off to hangout with her friends. We always got good grades, I felt like our last name wasn't for nothing.

Everyday was the same, wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, come home, eat dinner, study, and then sleep. The only ok part of my day was her. The only person besides my sister that I could stand. Fuyu Kuruma, her family owns the largest car dealership industry in all of Japan, and the 3rd in the whole world, she was smart, kind, and throughout my frequent travels all over the world, I found she was most likely the most perfect woman in all the world.

We were good friends, we met through my sister who knew Fuyu's younger sister, Haru. As Fuyu's name suggested, she looked like the embodiment of winter, silver hair, white porcelain skin, and eyes that looked like ice. But under all of that she was truly a very kind girl, on the outside she may look cold, but on the inside she was the cozy fireplace you would sit by with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book to read. Although she was not as smart as me, she compensated it with her people skills, everybody loved her. It would not be an understatement to say that every college boy, and even some adults, wanted her as their wife.

But they didn't know the real her, not like I did, they only cared about her looks, and the family name that she carried. What stuck out the most to me however, was the fact that she liked me, and everybody knew it. How could a goddess like her, ever be interested in a lowly insect as myself? The answer that someone might give you was that I was a genius and she wanted me to help in her studies, that she was just using me, but the simple real answer was that we were very much alike. She was very smart, second only to me, and we both had a lot of the same interests. It only took us a month to find out how much we liked each other. But there was a problem, she was from one of the richest and most influential families in all of Japan, and also fairly notable in all the world, while I was just a smart kid from nothing.

I always felt there was no chance in us getting together, but I had always hoped. It was the biggest reason I never hung out with anyone besides Fuyu and Shurui, I needed to study, to become a greater person that meant something to this world, someone that the Kuruma family could not ignore! Then, and only then, I might have a chance. I studied everything I could through my highschool years, there was nothing I was not great at, cooking, sports, science, reading, anything, you name it and I could do it, except for giving birth. Colleges and universities all over the world had pleaded with me to attend their classes, offering vast sums of money in order to win me over. But ultimately I attended the top school in Japan, Mirai University, the college my father and mother attended and met at.

Although I may seem like an emotionally detached emo nerd, I am still a sentimental creature, and I still have feelings and can comprehend complex human behaviours through psychology and sociology. In the end however, I still do not like most people, as humans have a bad habit of doing bad naturally. You do not need to teach a baby to start lying, as they will do that on their own, what is taught in schools and throughout life, is the difference of good from bad. People are born doing bad, and they do not stop doing bad until they are taught what good is, and that what they were previously doing, was wrong. So I tend to stay away from people, because I just don't find people to be all that kind. So, in the end, I am judged as the emo nerd.

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