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When the spiritual barrier that has been intact for a hundred years is shattered by a meteor, spiritual energy that had disappeared starts to return. The mystical realm slowly begins its revival—magic, witchcraft, curses, supernatural lifeforms, strange and mysterious legends, monsters and gods from other worlds… The old world order collapses, yet the new order is mystifying and chaotic. Just before the unprecedented reformation is here, Tang Qi awakens and finds himself hung on the cross, having turned into an inferior demon and in great pain and agony… With his special ability to see through the nature of all things from the mystical realm and a sly and crafty mind, follow Tang Qi as he develops new skills and powers—as well as making new friends and allies—to battle and protect himself from never before seen supernatural threats in an unfamiliar world!

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So I read this novel before on MTL which I know may sound crazy for those who try it the first time but this novel is worth it it got every single thing that I love and for all supernatural and mysteries this is your novel, you've got to give this a try and you won't regret it


Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? Anakin: No? Palpatine: I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side, he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. Anakin: He could actually save people from death? Palpatine: The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. Anakin: What happened to him? Palpatine: He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.


The Mc is smart and intelligent, for some reasons, it’s giving me Sherlock Holmes + supernatural element vibes. Check it out!! The cheats not overwhelmingly op and the story is well written too! Plus the world in which it takes place is well fleshed out and not a copy paste world. This is a hidden gem 💎, and I’m super anxious that it’s not going to get picked like some of the other novels in trial read that were really great but tossed aside for books that have repeating plots. Ahem excuse me for going on a tangent. Please vote!! And recommend on other novels! Use your accounts and family accounts! Recommend to friends, and if you have coins plz support cause they look at how many top fans there are to decide. (Currently using an account that I’ve created for these purposes...cause I can’t get my friends to spend money... #desperate)


Before you read, or most likely skim, please take notes of a few things beforehand. 1) this is my opinion on this novel. It is subjective, as all opinions are by default, so please avoid getting too butt-hurt or offended. 2) lots of readers seem to be exaggerating the "brilliance" of this novel, or saying that it should be picked and fully translated. My opinion on this is a complete contrast. This novel, from what I can gather, has not been well thought out, and the author's execution of the most basic descriptions is a bigger joke than the Brine King's moveset. 3) yes, like others, I did compare some aspects of this novel to LotM (Lord of the Mysteries). This is because there is an outstanding similarity between not only the title of the novel, but the core concepts of the two. When presented with a counterfeit and an outstanding original, a person with a functioning brain would most definitely pick the latter. If they had both, they would not be able to stop themselves from comparing the two. Admittedly, I myself am one to compare the two, but the points I've conveyed do not merely say, "LotM is better compared to this novel, and therefore LoE is ****." I merely use LotM to explain to my fellow Cuttlefish fans how things could have been done in a better way. 4) if you've not gathered already, several walls of text follow. Skim if you're just asking for a completely unbiased opinion on the first few chapters. READ IN FULL DETAIL IF YOU PLAN ON REFUTING WHAT I SAY. This is for all of us, for rebuking a review, only to find out that what you've said has been mentioned and explained, yet you failed to notice due to skim-reading is a massive waste of everyone's time. Thank you for your consideration. I hope. Translation Quality: 4 stars Few mistakes. Grammar seems to be fairly consistent. Aside from occasional missing punctuation, there's not much to say here. Stability of Updates: 5 stars Novel is currently in trial read. We'll see how things go if this novel gets picked. Story Development: 2 stars Lots of forced plot. The author writes lots of statements out of the blue and expects the reader to believe them without any logical reasoning. For example. "Is this a prank? Wasn't I drinking at a pub with my colleagues? Could it be that I was kidnapped? Something like that? Am I being hung on the cross by someone?" It feels extremely clumsy. These lines, which were presumably there to clue the reader in on the protagonist's situation, are completely out of place. In the previous paragraph, the protagonist says that he is in immense pain- yet somehow he could think clearly? The second line, "Could it be that I was kidnapped?" is a shining example of the author's shallow understanding of a person's thoughts. In such a situation, where you've suddenly been transported to another place completely alien and unalike to your own, the most logical thing to do would be to wait and see what's happening around you, not randomly ask if you've been kidnapped. "Am I being hung on a cross by someone?" Is even more absurd. Previously, it hasn't been mentioned at all whether the protagonist has been hung on a cross, and if so, such a statement would be redundant. But following this statement, the protagonist is very clearly described to have opened his eyes for the first time after being transported. If you could feel yourself being hanged, you would simply think, "am I being hung?" rather than specify what you're being hung on. These small details ruin immersion and show how little care the author's taken to put any logical thought or reasoning into the protagonist's mind and expressions. "No that's wrong. I'm already dead. I'm just a soul now." Possibly the one of the largest logic-leaps I've seen in any novel so far. Before this statement is made, nothing is mentioned about an afterlife, death, whatsoever. The protagonist knows nothing except the fact that he's nailed to a cross, and that there are two humanoid figures before him. Any sane person would not immediately assume they're dead, and that they're a soul out of the blue. Following this, he's suddenly given two options, two courses of action to take... by himself? He states he can only do these two things, on what basis? Even more absurd, is the fact that he decides that he can swallow souls, and without explanation, the author explains how the protagonist knows exactly how the ritual in front of him would proceed, and how the "soul exchange balance scales" work. Additional point. The author has essentially given the protagonist a system. He refuses to admit this, and doesn't make any attempt to provide a reason for such, nor does he try and clock said system in mystery. Even the protagonist himself does not question randomly being given "information fragments" when it's convenient. If the author were to include this system which tells the protagonist his status, and bits of fact/information of whatever he's looking at, at least use this to cover up those jumps in logic previously mentioned? So, as far as development goes, the lack of logic completely ruins the momentum and mystery that the author has attempted to build up. Character Design: 3 stars The protagonist, from his bearing, is supposed to be a relatively smart and borderline cunning individual. Not so. His illogical thoughts make him seem like someone attempting to act composed, and the author definitely attempts to portray him in this way, but the aforementioned beg to differ. The protagonist is reincarnated into the body of someone who is very conveniently named the same as his previous body, Tang Qi. Pure laziness. I saw someone mention this in chapter/paragraph comments, and someone refuting the author's laziness by saying, "there's no point in a throwaway name". This much is true, but I'd rather have a throwaway name than this forced plot convenience. If this original name and personal background was as important or relevant as it is in a similar novel, Lord of the Mysteries, which it very clearly isn't, shame on the author. Think what you will, but these minor details are extremely disappointing. World Background: 1 star From what I've seen so far, the author intends to take our current reality and edit small parts to his liking, such as renaming them, before throwing them out onto a flat landmass and patting himself on the back. The area the protagonist ends up in after chapter 1 seems to be based off of Europe, as the name "Moses City" would suggest. Moses being a name exclusive to Christianity, which is very prominent in Europe and some parts of Asia, but completely nonexistent in China, as the protagonist's name clearly originates from. This, combined with the problems explained in Character Description bring the world background to 1 star. And combined with the very bland introduction of info-dumping things onto the reader on chapter 3 justify this rating. If this world's background had even a slight resemblance to the depth Cuttlefish put into Lord of the Mysteries, it would not have such a bad rating. Unfortunately, the author's individually small but very plentiful overlooked details build up for an overall average rating. The only reason this novel did not score less than average would be the free 5 star on update stability, and translation quality. Content-wise, 2 stars. (And if you were planning on writing some sort of rebuke to this review, please, please, please avoid saying things like, "but there are so many other half-assed novels that have been translated, and this is better than them." Yes, whilst there are several subpar novels out there, this is an individual review focusing solely on this novel. References and comparisons to LotM only serve as convenience to show how marvellously well Truly Foolish Elder ruined a concept full of potential.) After Notes. If you read the entirety of this novel, thank you for respecting the time I put into writing this. I tried my utmost to convey my disappointment in finding a novel very similar to LotM, only to have my hopes dashed upon the cliff we call reality upon actually reading it. As you can already tell, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone to read. If you're a LotM fan looking for something to stave off the hunger, don't get your hopes up. If you have no clue what the **** LotM is, and don't plan on reading it, read at your own risk. Have a wonderful quarantine (unless you're already through the pandemic), and I'll see you never again.


The demon genre is immediately taken back by chapter 4, as he just becomes a human who has the classic analyze ability. Chapter 6 and the cliché school arc already coming into play, despite all the clear problems that will imply (For obvious reasons) Lot's of people saying this is another LoTM and I agree...a knock off version.


First of all, the synopsis is misleading(He is not a demon for long and by that I mean he is back to human in the first ch itself). IDK why but all these novels in trial reads have ****ty synopsis. Okay now onto the review part. This novel exceeded my expectations. I initially expected some bad LOTM rip off but it is good,not as good as LOTM obviously but still a good read. Out of all the books currently on trial this one seems to be one of the better ones. The mc is level headed and is a transmigrator that lets go......... The world background is not extensive but then again only 60 ch so far so that is to be expected but from what I read so far, it is similar to LOTM world with gods and all but less expanded. The world is also more advanced but still no internet. The world has a supernatural side too but it is not as well hidden from common people like LOTM. There are churches and evil cults too. Mc has some strange status system that serves no purpose other than giving info and stats(kinda like the one in Carefree path of dreams) Overall it is an interesting read but chances of it being picked are low since ppl want to read generic trash. All in all, better read those 60 chs for a poor man's version of LOTM before this book is lost and forgotten just like Plague Doctor, Midnight Bookstore and many other such books that had potential.


This novel has the feeling of Lord of the Mysteries and that the cheats aren't overwhelmingly powerful with the addition of a smart MC. Highly recommended.


Bad version of LOTR with countless cliches, nonsensical events where he cooks soup for 10 seconds then claims it’s the best food ever and reincarnated person who turns into a killing machine after reading a manual once and never practicing to save hot nerdy bullied harem member who was gonna get raped by ruffians. It starts out good but then it’s a huge disappointment, it’s Chinese trash novel version of LOTR. Don’t bother unless you’re masochistic.


This book is really great so far! It gives off Lord of the Mysteries vibes and the setting so far has demons and witchcraft. The start of the story is very dark and the Mc is calm and intelligent. Give it a try!




Reveal spoiler


Greatly disappointed thought this was demon genre it's clearly told in sypnosis but in 4 Chapter he becomes human was expecting a non human in Cultivation world:(


Raw title: 秘巫之主 Status: 853 (Volume 1) + 231 (Volume 2) Chapters (Ongoing) ...... Tags: Fantasy, Modern Magic, Qidian Rating: 8.6/10 .................................... ....................................


Excellent novel but based on my previous experience, the chance of it being picked is close to none. So despite me rating this a 5 start, it probably won't change much. If this does get chosen prove me wrong.


Reveal spoiler


The sobrenatural come and goes like a tide and this is the beginning of the rising. All cultures have sobrenatural tales and in here they are real just forgotten in time because the low tide of supernatural, but no more, the tide is raising the creeps and monsters are coming back. The tale begins with a reincarnation but don't stop there, the mc has a cheat ability but it's just a inspect, with it he has a leg up in understanding the sobrenatural and that It. I don't know about the future, how will it be developed but it's a good supernatural action take.


Pretty good novel. One with supernatural and slight horror elements. Engaging and well written, basically little to no grammatical mistakes. He has a system-like cheat that allows him to identify and figure out the usage of supernatural beings and items. It’s much better than a system since he is not bound by forced missions and uses purely his hard worked to progress. However the synopsis is a little misleading as he loses his demon identity within like a small number of chapters. Other than that it’s a good book. Give it a try!


This is an enjoyable novel, obviously heavily influenced by Lord of the Mysteries. The world is certainly mysterious and we learn more as the protagonist does. He is not overpowered but does have a cheat which helps him gain power. There are no cliche stupid, arrogant antagonists and none of the typical face slapping. While at this point I don't think this matches up to LotM, it is quite good and worth a read. The worst factor, IMO, is the number of beautiful women surrounding the MC. I think it detracts from the story somewhat, but that's the largest flaw I could find in this story.


This story has a cheat that is somewhat like a system .👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈


I like this book. Quite interesting and very good fantasy setting. I haven't read far though so I'll keep count the rest of my eggs when they are chickens.


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