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What is Lord of Crime

Lord of Crime is a popular web novel written by the author xXPlagueXx, covering MURDER, KILLER, SUPER POWERS, SUPER HEROES, PSYCHOTIC MC, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 913 readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 0 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 1 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


(Note: This isn't really a sypnosis, it's a prototype chapter) Hector Oda, the undisputed Lord of Crime has found himself cornered by a bunch of spandex wearing super powered allies of hypocritical justice. "Surrender now! You heinous monster in human skin! It's over, your years of terror are over!" But the man in question only smirked, his body calmed, nearly making people think he is surrendering but– This was the Lord of Crime himself. "My years of terror are over? Heh, it does pain me to know that my years of perfect artistry is bound to be over..." He paused, placing a palm over his face with a disappointed sigh. "Artistry? You call your vile actions of massacre and terrorism ART?! Y-You! It's over! I'll make sure you spend your days in hell!" But as the heroes stepped forward, the Lord of Crime laughed– a perfect evil laugh– starting from a deep silent chuckle, all the way to a nearly high pitch sound of psychotic laugh. "Oh, dear, whoever said that it'll be bound to be over...now?" As if on cue, or actually, maybe it is on cue, one of the heroes transformed his arms into a blade of light and promptly killed the hero in the front. "W-Wha-?!" In only a few seconds, what was before a proud and just hero, is now a headless corpse. He looked towards the 2 remaining hero, a teenage girl hero and a old muscular man. "So? Would you guys be willing to perhaps join me?" The teenage girl flew in the air, palms out as she readied a telekinetic wave to blast Hector away. "You shouldn't be doing that, if I were you" "W-What makes you think I'll bend over to a villain like you!" He gave a friendly smile at that and made a gesture to the traitor hero, the traitor hero gave him a phone and he tapped a bit, the ring resounded and the teenage girl was slowly losing her patience. "What is this about? What do you mean! Tell me!" Hector didn't answer and just held out the answered phone to her. "Boss, we're here right now at the house of the hero you were talking about, what should we do next?" "Have some "fun" if I don't say anything within a minute" The teenage girl was visibly confused but it seems her patience ran out, she gathered power unto her palms and prepared to sent it to Hector, the traitor hero also went to block. "Lilith Amery, lives is a mansion within the borders of H city along with her sister, mother and some aunties, the mansion is protected by some highly trained unit I couldn't care less about and your friends, normal ones, are currently staying for a sleepover" The teenage girl, shuddered at the specific information Hector gave out. "You have 46 seconds to shoot that Mr over there instead and you'll have a home with no trauma to come back to" "Y-You devil! My sister in only 12 years old you fucki-" "Oh? She says the sister is young, you going to spare her?" "It's up to you boss!" But suddenly, without even his need to remind her that she only has 37 more seconds, the teenage girl hero shot the telekinetic wave at the old muscular hero who was silent from the beginning because he had a blade in his throat. "Release them!" The teenage girl bellowed, shaking at the paste corpse that was her fellow comrade just a few seconds ago, tears started coming from her. "RELEASE THEM YOU DEVIL!" "Release them she says" "Roger boss" And with that, the teenage girl rushed off, flying towards her home. "Well, I didn't need to tell her that her family was being held by ropes on top of their mansion's roof now do I?" "Neither do I need to tell her that releasing them might kill them too" Hector went silent for a bit, dazing at the direction of the teenage girl hero's house. "Boss! The bomb has been planted, when should we boom it?" "Boom it when she arrives and cries" With that, I stretched my arms and walked away from the building. Not long after, an– silenced because of the distance– explosion could be heard. "Welp, at least they had their "fun" before death, no?" Lord of Crime, Hector Oda.


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