Lord Fourth, Madam Has Tricked You Again
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Lord Fourth, Madam Has Tricked You Again

Auntie Ice

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What is Lord Fourth, Madam Has Tricked You Again

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Cool. Fickle. Menacing. Mysterious. He toys with schemes and trickery in the palm of his hand, yet he regards her as the most important person in his heart. She is his First Fujin, a woman with both beauty and talent all rolled up in one. Ruoyin transmigrates to Lord Fourth’s back courtyard. Luckily, she is his first wife and has money, influence, and status! She used to believe that Lord Fourth was someone who spoils his mistresses and neglects his wife, but the opposite is true instead! She is securely backed by the Lord who dotes on her very much, so she threatens to give everything up. “I no longer want to have control over domestic matters,” she says weakly as she watches the man inch forward. “You have no conscience, silly thing. Your Lord has given you anything you ever wanted.” His deep voice is magnetic and husky, reminiscent of a walking subwoofer as he closes in on her. “On one condition: your Lord will never take back anything that he gives you!”

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Raw title: 四爷,福晋又套路您了 Chapters: 1760 (Completed) ......................................................................................................................


I seriously hope that this gets pIcked up. It’s different from novels that are continuously offered in trial reads. I’m enjoying the developing relationship between the ML and FL. The FL is not some high powered OP with special medicinal/assassin genius skills. She was just a normal person prior to transmigrating. No crazy harem plots so far and even though the ML has two concubines, he does respect the FL’s first wife position. I recommend reading and supporting this novel if you want something different from the usual fare.


Good novel. Fluffy and interesting. Not your everyday OP FL transmigration. Nice development of story too. These dramas are rare on webnovel. Always having FL too powerful immediately after rebirth or transmigration.


I like the book it has a lot of detail and is very interesting i would definitely recommend this book if your bored and want to try something new


39 chapters in. I'm really enjoying this! It's a fresh take on transmigration novels. 1. Yes FL wakes up in another body, but this ISN'T her timeframe. She knows none of these people & isn't out for revenge. She's just trying to live her best life. 2. She DOES know history and so she's asking the kitchen to make all sorts of modern food. And she'll try to prevent some bad things from happening. 3. She's NOT a brick about romance. None of that "I'm too young for a child", she can wrap her head around cultural differences between modern day & historical times. AND SO, we gets lots of fluff and flirting between ML and FL. (Isn't so nice when the leads are cute with one another? No troublesome tsundere) 4. ML *does* have concubines but prefers FL, so lots of fluff. Sidechick is jealous, but our FL is good with words. She's not out for revenge but that doesn't mean she's weak. 5. (SPOILER) there is one instance when the FL upset ML *BUT* author is an angel and didn't drag miscommunication for ages. Just a couple chapters and they communicated and reconciled. We stan.


Reveal spoiler


Ughhh Guys...don’t trust the first 60 chapters. If you’re hoping for a sweet one for one love, then this isn’t for you. This is historical so basically the ML is a prince with multiple wives and concubines. He even gets more after she has her baby so I just cant get behind a romance like this.


The book is ok. The characters seem a little flat. Overall the book could use more development. It is readable.. Just needs more development to the characters.


When is this novel getting picked up??? I mean its not even in the waiting option for trail novel, just what exactly is going on with this???


I like reading this book. Very unique. It has humor and spice (ahemm) that keeps me coming for more. Cant wait to read further. The FL is a gem. Spoken like a true modern woman. She adapted quickly and very good in bootlicking even I salute her🤣


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A really good and interesting story. It is written well. It is interesting to read how Lord Fourth and the Fujin will develop their feelings especially when their child have been born. Will it follow the original plot or can the Fujin change it? I wonder 🤔😄


Good and interesting[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I really like this story! The main character isn't simple and thinks for herself rather than fight against other women in the harem! The ml isn't so bad either but is sorta cold.


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I have to write again that I really want this story to be continued . This is an interesting story and I also like historical stories so dear author do something and update more chapters....


I just hope this novel passes through the try because I would like to read more of this novel and it really good do make sure that it happens.


This is a unique and humorous transmigration book. Good translation and quality. Smutty also. But unfinished so Im still waiting for the further update. I cant wait😍


AMAZING 😍😍.....one should must read it....but...why isn't it picked...... it's such a interesting story.....plz editors....pick it up.....here are many who waits for it release.......I seriously can't wait anymore....plz picked up the book so that we can enjoy new chapters 😁😊😉😊😀.....


I don't understand why there is no updates from this novel.I like historical romance and I like this novel too but now it is not updated anymore.So I request to you dear author... do something and update it


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