9 Chapter 9

Minato touched Yami's shoulder and left a Flying Thunder God chakra mark there.. Of course Yami did not resist because it would be helpful to him in future. Not really in future because soon both Yami and Minato dissapeared and next moment they flashed on top of building inside the market area.

Yami was mostly surprised by the fact that he was fine. The he remembered that he already had experienced traveling through a space time portal before two times when that old God summoned him and sent him off both times suddenly and rudely.

Yami gave a thumbs up to Minato with a smile as he was impressed by the jutsu. They were already few kilometers far from the forest and just one shop away from the Akimichi restaurant so naturally Yami was impressed even though he knew the jutsu beforehand. Knowing and experience are different things after all.

In few seconds they were inside the restaurant and Yami immediately lied that he had to use washroom and went away . He just wanted to paste the new skills in his STATUS while being inside a quiet place.

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After commanding the system immediately cooling sensation started coursing throughout his body starting from the brain. After about ten seconds Yami grinned because the improvement was too fast for him to not feel happy every time. Now he had gained Minato's knowledge and experience on fuinjutsu along with Flying Thunder God which made his most happy ..

Yami immediately decided to check his improved status.



STR - 59

DEX - 60




Chakra control - 87/100 %

Water Affinity - level max

Wind Affinity - level max

Earth affinity - level max

Yin affinity - level 8 out of 10

Yang affinity - level 8 out of 10

Sensor S rank - level 1 out of 10

Flying Thunder God SS rank - level 7 out of 10 ( locked )

Space affinity - level max




Minato's skill inside Yami's own skill tree was amazing. His chakra control almost reached Kage level already. His chakra broke through high genin level and was still growing. He even got Space affinity which maybe even more rare than Yin and Yang ones. All thanks to his great luck to meet Minato through coincidence.

Yami silently rejoiced inside the washroom for a while because he calmed down a little and decided to help Minato once because he had already copied so many of his skills and even became his friend.

Yami's help meant teaching Minato the basics of rasenshuriken which he knew from anime. Considering Minato's absurd level talent he could definitely master it easily. Yami simply wanted Minato to have one more S rank jutsu for lifesaving purpose. It's not anime and anything could happen during war. When its time for Kyuubi invasion, Yami would never let Minato die there so there was no need to worry about that right now.

After a while Minato was watching Yami eating grilled meat like they were grains of rice. He was speechless because this speed and appetite can be compared to hungry Kushina. Yami could not be blamed for this because his body was being changed by yang affinity so he needed to supply huge amount of food to it. Otherwise the pace would slow down and Yami did not want that to happen. Besides he was feeling too hungry and just wanted to stuff delicious food inside his stomach. Now he can understand a little why Akimichi were extreme foodies.

After more than one hour both of them left the restaurant and Minato could only sigh while feeling his almost empty pocket. He could not blame Yami as he was a kid and besides Minato was the one who brought up this idea in first place. So he could only endure expending more than two hundred thousand ryo for the bill silently. Damn ninja were rich.

Yami could tell from Minato's expression that his heart was bleeding from spending so much money at once. So he smiled and decided that it could not be better time to compensate Minato using the method to create rasenshuriken.

" Minato san , let's go back to the forest as I want to tell you a great idea with which you can create a powerful ninjutsu. Haha... dont look at me like that . I'm really not lying . "

Minato was not convinced at all from his expression but he still used the jutsu to teleport both of them back to the forest, not knowing that he was in for a huge surprise..

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