8 Chapter 8

Having an OP system was really great as Yami had one more good benifit. Nobody could sense his actual chakra level as long as he doesn't let them. He could display any level as long it was below his current chakra level. The skill or ability was too useful for Yami because it would be a problem is Minato sensed his chakra fluctuations now which were constantly increasing due to the integration of Yin and Yang affinities.

Minato finally arrived and stopped few feet before Yami and looked at him curiously because Yami did not give off an aura of a regular small kid. Minato believed his gut feeling most of the times and it was telling him that this kid had great potential .

" My name is Namikaze Minato , what's yours boy? "

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Yami could not sense any kind of malice in his voice so he decided to believe that Minato had a nice and friendly character even though he had met him for first time. This is real world now so Yami had decided long since that he wont judge peoples character according to solely his anime knowledge. Minato just give him a pleasant feeling so Yami decided to believe it.

" My name is Nakamura Yami. I have heard your name before you are a genius jonin and sensei of my classmate Kakashi. Where is he , by the way ? "

Yami was really curious because he wanted to see the little Kakashi. He wanted to see whether he really had the cold personality like shown in the anime episodes.

" Oh.. You are his classmate then. Kakashi chan has gone to complete a solo C rank mission . Sigh.. that boy is too obsessed with rules and completing missions. "

Yami could feel that Minato was genuinely worried about Kakashi so his smile became a little bigger as Minato was at least a nice person who cared about his student.

" Dont worry Minato san. Kakashi has lost his father recently so his mind is just filled with mixed feelings. I know the feeling because when my parents were killed by bandits, I felt strong desire of revenge but when the bandits were killed by a Konoha ninja, my mind became confused. Kakashi must be feeling similar emotions because he has lost his father and doesn't know on whom he should take revenge on."

Minato had no words to say as he listened to the mature and sad explanation of the little eight year boy before him. Even he had not felt the real pain Kakashi was going through. But this child had went through similar phase when he just more smaller and from the looks of it had already overcome it. He could only blame this cruel world and fate which forced such innocent children to go through such situations and forced them mature way before the right age.

Yami felt weird because Minato suddenly stopped speaking and had been staring at him for full three minutes now in silence.

" Minato san ! " Yami shouted and finally Minato came out of his stupor and started shaking his head.

" Sorry Yami chan , I became lost in thoughts before. "

Yami just shrugged as he felt relieved that Minato was not into boys instead because Yami did not have the power to escape from him right now.

" No need to feel bad Minato san. So do you want to be my friend as you called my name with adding chan behind it before ? "

Minato started laughing because of the kid's innocent side. Yami was confused by the sudden laughter though.

" Alright. We are friends from now on then. So my little friend , can you tell me what you were doing at such a place during Academy hours?"

Yami did not flinch and immediately answered with a bored face. " Academy is too boring. I have learnt all the things they teach there already. So I was searching for a place to start my self training. This forest is great place for that because its quiet here. "

Minato also nodded because he knew himself that Academy classes could be boring . Minato thought for a while and suddenly had a good idea.

" Yami chan , shall we go and eat delicious barbeque now? "

Yami's eyes flashed as he started rubbing his hungry stomach. It's not a bad timing for a free meal .

" Let's go immediately then. " Yami shouted and jumped like a kid and smiled as he really felt very happy from today's nice encounters.

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