7 Chapter 7

The training grounds in Konoha were mostly sealed forest areas and some harbored chakra beasts too. Yami wanted a quiet place to train now as he felt that his powers were increasing at a very fast rate now after gaining Yang and Yin affinity. He also knew that after some time the powers would adapt to his body and the insane pace of improvement would stop. Yami wanted to train a little while the process is still progressing as maybe he could get some more benifits from it.

Hokage mountain was really huge and had only three faces carved on it currently. Yami thought that he should be able to train in a quiet place above it so he went there. His body was small but very powerful so he arrived there in few minutes and did not consume much stamina. He was smiling the whole time because the strenght of his little body was already insane compared to the body in his past life.

The first here was beautiful as there were no chakra beats. Only few wild beasts and birds were roaming here and there making the atmosphere tranquil and harmonious. This world was much better than the already half piloted earth.

Yami wanted to find a clean water source so he advanced forward while admiring the beauty of nature on the way . He had not activated his sensor skill but his naturally senses were greatly enhanced so he could sense everything in fifty meters radius around him. The range would increase more fast as his soul was already in process of becoming stronger due to Yin affinity.

After he had been roaming inside the forest for about half an hour , Yami frowned because he could sense weak chakra pulses from afar. He had no activated his sensor skill so considering his small range and the fact that he could still sense chakra impulses, this could only mean that someone was practicing few hundred meters ahead and had really powerful and dense chakra.

Yami naturally got curious about the identity of this person and most importantly he could not let go of a chance to maybe loot no copy useful and powerful skills from him. So Yami started running in the direction where he had felt the chakra pulse before.

He was shocked when he saw the person because he could not be more familiar with him from the anime. Blonde spiky hair, baby face . He was precisely Namikaze Minato the future fourth Hokage. Yami wanted to yell loudly to display his excitement because this guy was a treasure trove of jutsu.


STR - low kage

DEX - mid kage

CHAKRA - mid kage



Body Flicker D rank - level max

Rasengan A rank - level max

Fuinjutsu S rank - level 1 out of 10

Four Elements Seal Rank A - level max

Four Elements Unseal Rank A - level max

Swift release Body Flicker - level max

Master Shurikenjutsu - level 8 out of 10

Great Breakthrough C rank - level max

Wind Affinity - level max

Smoke Dome C rank - level max

Vaccum B rank - level max

Kaze Shunshin B rank - level max

Great Slashing Wind A rank - level max

Wind Dragon A rank - level max

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Lower Air Pressure B rank - level max

Wind Sword A rank - level max

Tornado Trap A rank - level max

Great Infinite Blast Breakthrough A rank - max

Assassin's rush B rank - level max

Wind Explosion Clone B rank - level max

Geyser Creation S rank - level max

Sensor S rank - level 1 out of 10

Flying Thunder God SS rank - level 7 out of 10




Yami was speechless and could only think that as expected of a genius disciple of Sannin Jiraya. He had copied all the jutsu and they were stored in system's copy column. He even managed to obtain swift release because it was mainly combination of wind and lightning affinity. Yami had no time to paste these skills in his STATUS because Minato had long since noticed him and was walking slowly towards him with a pleasant smile on his face.

Yami also flashed a smile because he was really impressed with this guy's strength and jutsu arsenal . He only mastered wind jutsu mainly and almost all of them were useful and high ranked. He had already mastered Flying Thunder God to high level even though he must have got it recently according to anime information. His fuinjutsu knowledge and experience was already at S rank and he had mastered some useful seals too max level. Kage level strenght at his young age was too impressive for Yami because this guy did not have any bloodline like Uchiha, Senju or Uzumaki. So he could only be a pure genius and extreme hard worker... Yami did not dislike such guys even though they were usually blessed with stubborn brains..

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