70 Chapter 70

' Father will really be angry this time with me. Sigh.. to think Flash Reaper would be so powerful. I'm at a huge disadvantage in this battle so retreating is the best option. Damn it we were so close but now I'm the only one alive. '

Kitsuchi thought as he watched Yami being imprisoned inside his great dome prison. He knew that Yami's forbidden technique was way more powerful than he had thought so this prison would only hold Yami back for few seconds at best. Kitsuchi could not keep up with Yami's ridiculous speed so he decided to retreat as his teammates were dead already anyway.

He saw Akito running towards him with angry expression and could only smile bitterly. It was such a great chance to kill Hokage's son but now he had to retreat because of Yami. Kitsuchi used a smoke bomb and immediately dissapeared underground . He started fleeing using Earth Tranverse jutsu.

Yami nodded as he looked at the events happening from top of a tree , hundred meters away from the battlefield. Actually he had left a shadow clone to be trapped inside the dome prison and he himself had teleported here using Flying Thunder god in an instant.

He was impressed with Kitsuchi's calmness as he managed to suppress his anger and decided to retreat immediately which was not a decision which could be made by just anyone. One needed to have a sharp mind and great control over their emotions and Kitsuchi had them. Yami could kill Kitsuchi but he was too lazy to chase him. His mission was to assist Akito and repel the explosion squad back which was already completed so he had no reason to chase Kitsuchi anyway...

' Fuuu.. Kitsuchi managed to get away but this Yami kun is too powerful...' Akito thought as he glanced at the corpses of elite jonins killed by Yami in just three seconds. What ridiculous speed and precision was needed to achieve this feat? Akito could not even imagine properly.

With Yami's speed after opening inner gates and his sharingan's dynamic vision, this feat was actually child's play for him. If Akito knew his this then he would definitely die from shock because it's way too overpowered..

Yami flashed and appeared beside Akito immediately as he had confirmed with his sensor skill that Kitsuchi had already retreated inside Ame territory. Now he wont be foolish to return immediately because Minato was head commander in this front and definitely wont spare him as he would now know about Iwa's plan which failed thanks to Yami.

Akito was not surprised that Yami did not even have a scratch on him because had seen his power with his own eyes. That Great Dome prison could not hope to stall Yami back for more than few seconds. Still he was curious about the technique which Yami used to escape because there were no signs of breaking out from the dome prison. He could never expect that Yami could create shadow clones with using hand signs now easily.

Both of them immediately started heeding back towers Konoha separately. Akito decided to share the good news with Mukade and return back along with him as he should be still nearby considering his injuries. Yami's mood was good because he managed to loot a special bloodline.

This explosion release was a very useful kekkei genkai because he could mix little of explosion release chakra into any earth style jutsu and blow it up anytime. Just imagine blowing up S rank earth style jutsu. The damage would be too much ..

Yami immediately returned to his small house using Flying Thunder god inside Konoha. Many advanced seals were placed here so even Minato wont sense any space fluctuations if he was here.

' Very soon Obito would get manipulated by Madara now. Minato would end the war with Iwa after killing thousand shinobi of theirs if everything goes well. Damn.. I wont be able to loot no copy dust release of Onoki anytime soon this way as he wont make an appearance personally... '

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Yami started lamenting silently while drinking tea inside his bed room...