6 Chapter 6

Konoha was way bigger than described in the anime. Even with memories , Yami got lost for a few times before he finally arrived at the mission center building.

It was huge three story building and Yami started wondering did they manage to build such an exquisite building with just wood.

Yami naturally did not come here for a mission as he cannot accept them now. He came because here most number of jonin can be found in the village. Jonin were the main force of the village so they were rarely spotted inside the village. They either trained or completed missions outside all the time.

Yami used his mind and only could think of here nearby. He was not disappointed as he already spotted two jonin leaving the building. Yami quickly saw their status and wanted to scream because they had many powerful jutsu in their arsenal .


STR - low jonin

DEX - low jonin

CHAKRA - mid jonin



Shadow clone B rank - level 3 out of 10

Sensor A rank ( growth ) - level 5 out of 10

Water affinity - level max

Earth affinity - level 7 out of 10

Yin affinity - level 8 out of 10

Water Wall B rank - level max

Chakra control - 73 %





STR - high jonin

DEX - low jonin

CHAKRA - high jonin



Yang affinity - level 8 out of 10

Earth affinity - level max

Earth dome B rank - level max

Earth Mobile core C rank - level max

Earth Dragon B rank - level max

Earth Wall C rank - level max

Headhunter D rank - level max



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Konoha really had unique bloodline clans. Yami could not copy their bloodline jutsu but others were there for him to copy. He even got rare Yin and Yang affinities so soon and they were at high level already . So Yami immediately commanded system and copied all the useful skills from their huge arsenal. He even got the legendary Shadow Clone jutsu which would be extremely helpful during war.

Sensor ninja were really good. Jin already noticed Yami and flashed a knowing smile at him. Yami was flustered but he regained his confidence almost immediately after he remembered that nobody can sense his system anyway. Yami also gave a small smile and bow in response before walking away.

Yami quickly inside a dark alley nearby and immediately commanded system to paste all the skills copied from those two jonin.

Yami felt the familiar cooking sensation and information entering inside his mind but this time his body was also greatly affected by the cooling sensation. Yami was not surprised because this time he got rare high level affinities, sensor skill and even great chakra control. So naturally his body would also experience some changes along with his soul.

After about twenty seconds the sensation stopped and Yami clenched his fist from excitement because his strenght had already started increasing due to the passive effect of Yang affinity. He had not activated his sensor skill yet but Yami's mind became much clearer than before and his basic senses got a huge passive boost from the Yin affinity. He could even feel some connection with earth because he was standing on it and had gained the perfect earth affinity. The changes delighted Yami greatly because he could already feel the qualitivative and quantitative increase in his strenght.

( to be continued )

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