5 Chapter 5

Obito had zero interest in class and was busy looking at Rin with a slightly flushed face. Yami's first thought was ' Sensei must be blind because instead of Obito , he bothered me. Its unfair...'

Yami was not a child inside so he instantly forgot about it though. He finally commanded system to check Obito's status.


UCHIHA OBITO - high academy student

STR - high academy student

DEX - high academy student

CHAKRA - low genin



Sharingan - locked



Of course Yami was not interested in other skilks of Obito he immediately skipped them. Yami decided to see if he can copy sharingan or not.

Well the result was disappointing as Yami was unsuccessful even after trying for ten times. He got over it quickly though as inside his mind , he was already more or less prepared for this result. System could not copy living things and sharingan in an active or locked state could be considering living thing as long as the Uchiha was alive. At least Yami's conjecture was formed that he could copy and paste bloodlines too of course if the user is already dead. This can only be confirmed later in future though.

Yami had nothing to do during class anymore so he straight went to sleep .

After the class ended, a nice student woke Yami up as it was time for lunch break. Yami did not want to attend another classes after that so he immediately left the academy to roam outside instead. Excuses can always be thought later after all for such a small matter.

Azuma, Gai, Kurenai and Anko were also in the same class but currently they were only children so Yami was not much interested in interacting with them. For insurance during war, Yami wanted to loot no copy Eight Inner Gates Technique from Gai's father Dai but he can find him on his own so there was no need to listen to youth this and youth that from Gai. Yami liked this guy though as he was only being over enthusiastic and straightforward.

Minato was still alive so Yami naturally wanted Flying Thunder God jutsu too but he knew that he wont be able to use it anytime soon. To increase his chakra capacity quickly , the quickest method would be to assimilate powerful bloodlines like Senju but he needed dead cells to confirm whether this method can be used or not first. Other than that only training body furiously and some special methods like using shadow clones back to back remained.

The dead bodies of ninja were information treasure troves so naturally they would be guarded too welll for current Yami to even think about stealing them. Yami had one more idea but it could be very dangerous if he somehow screwed up.

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From his knowledge, Danzo may have fused with some dead Hashirama cells already. He would only be able to keep them active by forcefully using his chakra. So Danzo needed to only glance at Danzo for few seconds to confirm his guess but that's too difficult because that dark bastard was too cunning in the story and rarely stepped a foot out from this damned Root base. Anyway , Yami decided to first loot useful skills from jonin or higher rank ninja and then think of some plans. Of course he could also meet Danzo through luck but probability was too small for that to happen...

( to be continued )

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