56 Chapter 56

" I'm telling the truth. When I killed them some kinds of seals activated on their heads and then after few seconds their brains were squashed already .. "

Yami said to Shikaku who looked at Yami with a questioning gaze which soon turned into a smile because he decided to trust Yami.

" Ahem...I wont talk about this matter anymore but brat you are becoming stronger too quickly.. Sigh.. learn to relax a little as I can see that you are always training inside your tent while your shadow clones practice jutsu all the time.. "

Yami just gave a dead pan look to Shikaku and then ignored him as he did not want to comment on this.

" What a drag.. " Yami chuckled when he heard his sensei's signature line from behind as he continued to walk towards his small tent..


Seven more days passed and Yami had finished absorbing Yuki bloodline. He was currently drinking tea and playing shogi with Shikaku while his shadow clones practiced ice release jutsu inside his time dimension. Both of them now had a very good relationship like brothers. Shikaku took care of him like a younger brother because Yami acted totally like a Nara. He was intelligent and lazy so Shikaku could not help but see him as a younger brother instead of student.

" Sensei, did you meet Yoshino san recently?"

Shikaku started coughing suddenly.. " Yami, remember that never offend a woman because they are too unpredictable. We separated when I left the Suna front.. After that only some letters which mostly contained curses as I dont transfer her here. What a drag.. "

Yami chuckled as he remembered the scene when Shikaku introduced Yoshino to him for the first time few months ago. She really had a very bad temper. He knew that they would marry each other soon if nothing strange happened because Yoshino was Shikamaru's mother in the anime.

" I will remember your advice then. I heard that Kiri is preparing for large scale war. Is it true? "

Shikamaru sighed helplessly and started massaging his forehead with a serious expression.

" Its true. I dont think big shots like Mizukage and seven swordsmen would make their appearance anytime soon but sigh.. we will have a lot of casualties on our side as the terrain is advantageous to the enemy.. "

" Well who told our border to have so be near the sea.. We have only one chance to win this war front if we can march into enemy territory. There are just too many unique bloodline forces with them. Why dont we deal with their two jinchuriki first ? "

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" Its impossible to deal with them now. Orochimaru san cannot leave the camp yet and we dont have other powerful fuinjutsu experts in our camp who can handle the tailed beasts. Jiraya san is busy dealing with Iwa front while Minato and Kushina are busy with Kumo front. Sigh.. our forces are too much scattered. "

" True. It's a relief that Raikage and Tsuchikage have not acted themselves yet at least. We need to settle the war with one village first before concentrating on others. I think Suna should be the right option for that."

" Its a good plan but that's not possible in near future. Suna's forces are nowhere near exhausted yet so they wont launch an all out attack yet. "

" What if we force them ? I think that destroying their supply bases would do the trick. "

" Yes it will do that but we cannot shift our manpower yet."

Both Yami and Shikaku sighed and ended this conversation because it was getting nowhere. Konoha's situation was dire but the enemy also knew this so they were not trying to finish it faster on purpose. None of the great villages were allied with each other so they were conserving their forces and waiting for the right chance. Kumo was only fishing waters while Iwa was very of Kumo and not being too provocative. Hanzo had not made a decisive move yet and Kiri was also waiting for the right chance. The most suffering one was Konoha because they were losing most manpower combining all the fronts.

This stalemate was broken when one year later seven shinobi swordsmen of Kiri invaded the land of fire and were intercepted by Might Gai and his team. Naturally Yami wont let Dai die this time so he arrived in time and fought together with him..

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