4 Chapter 4

Yami forced himself to calm down as he was different from his previous self which had not awakened his memories before. He took a look at the direction of the huge black board and saw Ken sensei who was staring at him with piercing and furious gaze.

" What's up sensei ? " Yami feigned confused expression deliberately.

" What's up ? You little devil dare to sleep during my class and ask me what's up? Stand up and start explaining the theory of chakra control ."

Ken wanted to teach Yami a lesson but he was destined to be disappointed because even though Yami did not listen to his lecture, he still had anime knowledge about some things.

Yami had a bored expression as he stood up and started speaking. " Chakra control is a crucial skill for ninja because by increasing it, they can lessen the consumption of their chakra while using jutsu. It's most crucial factor for some professions especially medical nin because it requires high chakra control to transform your chakra into medical chakra.. ..."

Yami continued to blabber in an unhurried tone for one more minute and Ken was left speechless because Yami's explanation was more advanced than he had taught in class. Ken thought that Yami must have gained his knowledge from reading books from the library. So his expression softened as he naturally liked hard working students. Yami was a low key student so he had no idea before that Yami was such a good kid.

After seeing the change in Ken's expression, Yami felt glad because he would not be disturbed in future at this rate. Blabbering for few minutes was boring but worth it .

After sitting on his seat , Yami decided to start with his sensei now and see what skills and jutsu he can copy from him. Ken was a normal chunin so he should have way better skills than current Yami. So Yami felt excitement in his heart as he looked at Ken's direction and mentally commanded system to check his status.


SATO KEN - chunin

STR - mid chunin

DEX - mid chunin

CHAKRA - high chunin



Great fireball C rank - level max

Water whip C rank - level max

Water prison C rank - level max

Flame bullet D rank - level max

Water BULLET D rank - level max

Water Clone C rank - level max

Genjutsu Demomic Hellflower illusion C rank - level max




Water affinity - level 7 out of 10

Fire affinity - level 5 out of 10

Yami found that his sensei was stronger than he had expected. Almost all his jutsu were fully mastered already even though there was not even one B rank of higher jutsu. Still, Yami decided to loot no copy some skills which he found useful immediately.

Yami's mind instinctively knew that he only needed to glance on STATUS and think about copy the skills. So he precisely did that and there were many new skills inside the Copy column of his system. Yami was not surprised that the skills did not automatically got pasted in his ststus. So with just one thought he commanded to paste them and immediately huge amount of knowledge started entering inside his mind.

The feeling was unexpectedly comfortable as Yami could only feel cooling sensation inside his mind. After just a few seconds, he had so much knowledge about the jutsu that he was not even aware of before.

Yami immediately called STATUS inwardly which immediately appeared inside his mind. He started to check the new skills and could not help but grin widely which he hide using his book.

Water clone C rank - level max ( locked )

Water whip C rank - level max ( locked )

Great fireball C rank - level max ( locked )

Water prison C rank - level max ( locked )

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Flame bullet D rank - level max

Water BULLET D rank - level max

Of course the C rank jutsu would be locked because Yami's chakra was not enough to use them currently. D rank could barely be used so Yami did not feel bad.

Ken sensei's mastery on other skills was not satisfying so Yami decided to loot them from others. It's not like they were going to feel anything anyway .

Now it was finally time to check Obito's status and see if Yami can acquire Uchiha bloodline.

( to be continued )

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