3 Chapter 3


Inside one of the classes of the ninja academy many 8 or 9 year old kids were sitting and listening to the lecture of their teacher who was called Sato Ken. He was a 27 year old chunin and veteran teacher of the Academy .

One kid wearing big goggles and blue jumpsuit had absolutely no interest in the class though as he focused on only staring at the cute girl beside him with a slight blush on his face.

The girl did not notice it and completely focused on absorbing the teachings of her teacher. She had fair skin long frontal bangs and two small tattoos on her cute cheeks.

Both of them were Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin. Currently they both were only eight years old and Kakshi had already graduated when he was five.

One student sitting at the last seat and concentrating on his book suddenly jolted for a second and lost consciousness. His head got buried inside the book and nobody noticed this change at all.

The boy had dark brown short hair , sharp eyebrows and fair skin. He was a Martial for a future handsome guy. His name was Nakamura Yami and was an orphan. His parents were both civilians who died when he was four years old. One day they went to another city for business and became the victims of a bandit group.

Yami loved his parents so the only thing he lived for from the on was revenge. Soon he lost that purpose though as the bandits were killed a Konoha chunin during a mission. Yami who had lost his sole purpose cried for a while but he did not loose hope and decided that he would live for his parents share too and become the strongest ninja. To live freely in this chaotic world he had to do that ..

Suddenly Yami woke up and frowned as he got his head out of the book . He massaged his head for a while and displayed a painful expression.

" So I'm alone in this world too.. " Yami muttered in a low voice but his expression was filled with hate as he remembered the bandits.

' Obito and Rin are same age as me so this means that I woke up some time before 3rd Great ninja war then. Its unexpected but good for me because I can copy more and more skills from enemies on the battlefield. '

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That's right this kid was Yami who had finally woken up after becoming 8 years old and merged with the eight years worth memories. He was torn when he found that his parents were already dead but he decided to not think about it . His dream to become the strongest ninja did not change though but it became more ridiculous as he wanted to become strongest in the multiverse now. He had the Looter Multiverse system so the dream did not sound much ridiculous now..

Yami ignored the boring class and closed his eyes. He smiled because system was really there and he knew that he could access it with just a thought.

After he muttered STATUS inside his mind , his current status appeared.



STR - 19 high academy student

DEX - 20 high academy student

CHAKRA - 21 low genin


Substitution E rank - level 9 of 10

Transformation E rank - level 8 of 10

Clone E rank - level 10 max

Chakra control - 15 percent

Fire affinity - level 5 of 10

Water affinity - level 2 of 10

Stealth - level 4 of 50

Academy taijutsu - level 8 of 10

Shurikenjutsu - level 9 of 30

' Hmm.. my previous self worked so hard daily so his skills are naturally at good mastery level but I will have to work on my chakra capacity. Its good for student level but I know that war will start soon. If I do not have enough chakra then copying other's skill in my status would be useless as I will not be able to use them at will. '

Yami quickly analysed his current STATUS and decided to focus on his body and chakra capacity immediately after the academy hours end.

Yami wanted to focus on checking the status of Obito now but he was interrupted by a loud and furious shout of his Ken sensei. Yami's body subconsciously stiffened because his previous self was really afraid of this sensei.

( to be continued )

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