2 Chapter 2

" Looter Multiverse System?"

Yami thought the name sounded suspicious. After the wheel stopped spinning , it disappeared and this name abruptly inside his mind.

After few seconds, Yami could not help but shout and do a guts pose because his system was totally broken. His bet on supreme luck pill really worked wonders.

There were only four functions inside his system .






Yami now knew that he could see the status of other people and copy any of their skills as long as they are not restricted. Then he can paste them in his own status or someone else's. He can store any non living thing inside his inventory with a thought which had infinite space. With World Travel function he could go to other worlds when he had enough soul points.

Yami was too delighted because becoming stronger became too easy now for him. He just needed to train and increase energy while skills can simply be copied from others.. He could even travel to other worlds. Of course he would be happy..

God was not surprised though as he already knew something like this would happen when Yami chose to buy supreme luck pill.

" Haha.. young man , can we move on to the matter of your next world already ? I also have other work to do .. "

Yami immediately sat back and became serious because he had no idea which world he would go to now.

" Good. There are too many worlds in the multiverse I and my fellow Gods manage. Oh.. rejoice young man, your world has already been chosen. Its Naruto world and I'm sure that you are too familiar with this one.. "

" Holy shit ."

Familiar was the right word because he watched the anime few years back and liked it very much . Ninja, jutsu, action.. such a masterpiece and now he could live his new life in the same world ?

" Yes and now let's complete the last step before I send your soul for the journey. Do you want to start from a baby or other age?"

" I can choose my age too ? "

" You can say that . Your memories and system will be sealed until the age you describe then. "

Yami's mind immediately started working to find the desired age as he did not to experience baby life. The thought of helplessly crying and wetting his bed all the time sent shivers in his mind..

" Okay God , I want to awaken my memories and system when my body is 8 years old then."

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" Well it's done.. goodbye and have a great life now young man.. I hope that we meet again after a long long time . "

God smiled as he played with his long beard. He waved his left hand and suddenly Yami shut up his mouth before he could speak as attraction force assaulted him from the back and he was sucked inside a space portal without resistance..

' Damn.. ' this was his last thought as he lost consciousness..

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