20 Chapter 20

Yami went into thoughts standing near the huge rock and missed the scene of Shisui puking almost his guts out. Looks like high speed movement really did a toll on the small kid's body.

Shidui chakra was awakened already. It must have been done by his clan members. It was pretty good in amount to considering the four years old age. Yami had medical knowledge so he could roughly deduce Shisui's age easily with just a proper glance. The chakra capacity was still short from genin level though so Yami did not know what technique to teach him.

Shisui had advance level fire affinity already so in few years he should be able to use some low level fire release jutsu easily. Such gift would be useless because Uchiha clan must have hundreds of fire style jutsu . Yami thought for a while and decided to teach this guy leaf stocking exercise because it will be good for future if he learned chakra control from now. Yami wanted to add a small jutsu too so he decided to teach 3 academy jutsu to Shisui because they were only E rank jutsu and required little chakra to use.

" Shisui hmm... what are you holding your stomach for ? " Yami was genuinely confused and laughed after Shisui cutely told him that he puked before.

Shisui was embarrassed and little annoyed. Yami wanted to pinch his cute cheeks which were blushing slightly now.

Yami did not want to stay here for long time as he wanted to go back and train his body. So he justed created a shadow clone shocking Shisui as he looked back to back towards the two big brothers now.

Yami did not explain anything and just left using body Flicker jutsu after ruffling the hair of the cute little kid.

After arriving in a small dark alley , Yami closed his eyes and sensed his Flying Thunder God mark which he had placed inside a small area inside the Forest of death. After a second, his figure blurred and completely dissapeared from the alley like it have never appeared before. The jutsu was too useful for traveling long distances.

After a few days, Yami was standing before the village main gates along with Asuma and Kurenai. The three of them were here to see Shikaku off who was summoned to the main battlefield with Suna. Yami just smiled as he looked at Shikaku's bored eyes. This guy definitely did not want to go there at all. Yami liked his sensei who was not afraid of showing off his lazy personality..

" What a drag... Yami, I will come back soon and play a few rounds of shogi with you. Dont hope to win even once that time.. "

' Haha... sensei , that skill was looted no copied from you originally.. " Yami laughed inwardly but just nodded with a slightly grim face outside.

Kurenai and Asuma also relaxed a little bit but worry was imminent in their eyes as they looked at their sensei with a small forced smile on their small faces. Of course the kids were worried because their sensei was going to the battlefield where he could die too. Yami was a little worried too but not much as Shikau had too intelligent brain to let him fall in dangerous situations alone anyway.

" Sensei, I will come to the battlefield soon too so try to be alive until that time. " Yami said with a neutral tone which made Shikaku sigh but soon a small smile appeared on his face because he knew that this student of his could already rival a veteran chunin with taijutsu techniques.

Shikau was shocked when he had fought Yami before because the kid was too monstrous of a talent considering his age and civilian background. Now he felt relieved because Yami had enough brains to rival him in battle strategies too. At least Yami would not die as long as he stayed away from large scale battles. This was Shikaku's honest evaluation of his new student.

Kurenai and Asuma were at the level of slightly experienced genin while Asuma had some mastery on low level wind and fire jutsu so Shikaku did not want the two of them to experience the chaotic battlefield yet. He was not worried as Hokage sama values his evaluation greatly.

Shikau took out a weird shaped yellow kunai from his ninja pouch and injected some chakra on the seal inscribed on it . Yami felt space fluctuations after few seconds and as expected Minato appeared before him after so many months.

In fact both of them had not met each other since the rasenshuriken was mastered.

Kurenai and Asuma were stunned speechless as they blinked their eyes rapidly staring at the suddenly appeared Minato. Yami had a smile on his face though.

" Minato san, long time no see. " Yami laughed inwardly as Minato gave him a stupid look as he did not recognize Yami at all.

Well Yami's baby face has already matured a lot with his taller height. Yami was delighted to see the usual carefree Minato as he was worried that his personality would experience a huge change after experiencing the big battlefield. Now his worry went into drain.

" Hmm.. Sensei, why dont you go already as allies must be waiting for you. Minato san, it was nice seeing you again. Bye. "

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Yami did not explain anything and just dissapeared using body Flicker jutsu.

" Shikaku san, who was that kid ? He looked a lot familiar to a small new friend of mine."

" He is my new student called Nakamura Yami. Well, he is a genius maybe at your level when you were his age.. "

Minato was shocked and froze for a while before letting out a wry smile as he shook his head.

" Haha Shikaku san, you are wrong there. Yami chan is a lot more talented and intelligent compared to me when I was his age.. "

Shikaku got baffled and his usual lazy look changed to a serious one because he knew that Minato wont lie to him. Shikaku massaged his head with his fingers as his student turned out to be even more of a monster than he had thought before.

After few seconds both of their figures blurred and they dissapeared like had never appeared before. Kurenai and Asuma started rubbing their eyes in shock as they had seen Minato use Flying Thunder God for the first time. In fact they had seen him for the first time too..

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