1 Chapter 1

In the vast dark space , there was nothing but suddenly a ball of light appeared there.

As soon as it appeared, a space portal came and sucked it inside immediately.

The ball of light was actually a human soul who had recently died so he naturally cursed such bad treatment. He suddenly saw dark space and then suddenly got sicked inside a space portal unable to pose any resistance.

He felt like several years passed or not even a second passed after he had been sucked into the portal. His sense of time was completely distorted until he suddenly found himself standing inside a small office room which only had a small table and one old man with long white beard smiling at him.

" Hey old man, how come I have a body again? Were you the one who dragged me here ?"

The human soul immediately bombarded the old man with questions completely disregarding the holy radiance which came from the old man's body.

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" You can call me God according to the religious culture of your planet and yes I was the one who dragged you here . In fact I want to give you another chance at life so I had no choice to rudely summon you here before you got dragged into the after world. "

The human soul immediately stopped cursing because he was naturally interested in one more chance at life .

" Good you finally are willing to listen. Well it's my job actually to look after the reincarnation process of souls who come from different planets and have accumulated huge karma. You used a bomb to blow yourself up along with a small abandoned house right? In fact in that explosion not only you and your arch enemy but one more person died . I wont waste time by going into more details. You can just know that the third person was a maniac army man who would have caused the third world war in few years if you did not kill him unknowingly. "

The human soul was shocked but some kind of strange gentle power was influencing his mind so he instantly calmed down. " So I saved the world through coincidence and as a result accumulated huge amount of karma ?"

" Precisely . Your karma is enough for a new chance at life and one skill lottery chance. "

The young soul started laughing madly but had tears in his eyes as he remembered the enemy whom he hated to the bone. Unexpectedly ending that bastard's life gave the soul a new life instead..

After about an hour, the young soul ( A/N : let's give him a name. ) called Yami calmed down and faced the God in front of him who was kind enough to let him vent his emotions.

" Thanks God. Anyway, can I choose my next world then?"

" Its your choice if you want to choose it yourself or go with random. You will have some karma points remaining if you choose the random choice instead. "

Yami was perceptive so he did not rush and decided to see what can he buy with karma points first. Fanfiction and anime were his hobby so he had some knowledge about these things. He did not imagine he would such a situation after death though.

" Can you show me the list of what I can buy with my karma points if I choose random choice for my next world then ?"

" Hmm.. I can do that. "

The God waved his hand and soon a thick book with came out of nowhere and landed on the small table. Yami did not need to confirm anything and he immediately opened the book only to feel speechless because there were more than one thousand pages and each page contained information about 3 items at least.

Still Yami did not flinch because he wanted to find something useful and make sure that he can benefit from it during his next life. After few hours, Yami was tired but his eyes almost shot a beam when he stopped an item on the 245th page .

Supreme luck pill - the pill can be used to gain supreme tier luck for ten seconds. Note: supreme tier is the highest tier for items and skills after Creation tier.

Cost - 5 million karma points

" Hey God , I want to purchase this broken pill immediately.."

Yami shouted with excitement as there was no hesitation in his heart . Luck was supreme power according to his mind and with his pill, he can get the best of the best skill from the lottery chance.

God was amused because he had encountered human soul with such a good amount of patience and perception for the first time.

" Haha.. nice choice there young man. So you really are fine with random world choice then?"

Yami nodded in approval without hesitation because he wanted the best skill for him more.

" Here take it.. "

Yami caught the violet ping pong ball sized pill with his hands and looked at it with curiosity. He did not find anything special about it but the God had no reason to trick him so he swallowed it with a gulp.

" God start the lottery quickly.. "

God wabed his hand and a one meter long wheel with weird patterns came out of nowhere . Yami could not care less about studying it because he did not have time.

When the wheel started spinning , Yami looked at with focus while continuing seconds inside his mind.

" Stop."

After seven seconds Yami yelled because his supreme luck time was over by now. Not that he could feel any change to his luck though..

( to be continued )

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