19 Chapter 19

The Uchiha were not bad as the story described them. At least the branch members and civilians were not that proud and lived happily from what Yami could see.

Children playing on the road and their family watching over them with smiles , it was a very peaceful atmosphere which Yami liked very much. Well if you have such a broken eye like sharingan then of course you would feel proud which jealous people wont like.

Yami walked all the way towards the outskirts of the huge clan compound and finally saw the little house of Obito which was old but in good shape. Yami just scanned it with his sensor skill and found that no one was inside. Actually Yami had considered that Obito's Uchiha blood must not be worse than Itachi as he awakened such a broken ability called Kamui after awakening mangekyo. So he now did not mind copying his dead cells either but that damn love freak was nowhere in sight for these few days. Minato must have taken them somewhere else to train them.

Kami could already use Flying Thunder God because the skill was unlocked when he reached jonin level chakra reserves. After that he only needed to add his personal chakra imprint to the Flying Thunder God seal formation which would help him to easily sense the seals placed far away in distance. With his fuinjutsu knowledge obtained by his clones after grinding , that task was not difficult at all for Yami. He did not inscribe his seal on special kunai though because he did not plan to share it with anyone at least yet.

Yami also improved the seal formula and added one more seal formula on top of it which can make it impossible to locate the seal by sensing it by others. Now even if someone other than him tried to find his seal formula and had space time affinity too , he wont be able to locate it at all. Tobirama was an insane genius to create this technique.

Yami felt bored so he stepped foot inside the small forest which was training ground exclusive to Uchiha clan. Now that he is here, he should at least search for advance level fire affinity which Uchiha were famous for and loot no copy it.

Sadly there was nobody in the forest because they were out on battlefield. Just when Yami was going to leave and restart his body training, he spotted a kid who was trying to hide from him. The kid had some skill which would put even genin to shame but sadly for him, Yami's natural senses were too great already.

Yami felt intrigued because such a small kid in Uchiha training grounds and with such a skill would definitely be a future strong character. After thinking for a second , Yami started grinning because he may be encounters Uchiha Shisui as he was the only fit to the kid's description considering the timeline.

Yami used body Flicker and instaneousky appeared behind little Shusi who was hiding under the cover of tree branches more than thirty meters away from him. Yami became delighted when he found some blood on his long arm bandages. So he immediately copied Shisui's bloodline . The whole process barely used two seconds and Yami grabbed little kid's shoulder from behind scaring the shit out of him.

" Waaaaa.. "

" Holy shit. Dont scream near my ears kid. "

Yami frowned because kids voice were high pitched and the scream was too loud. His ears were suffering right now.

Shisui looked behind and was stunned because the big brother from before was suddenly behind him. He was just a four year old kid right now so of course his eyes showed extreme curiosity which delighted Yami because he wanted to have good relationship with future Uchiha powerhouse. Yami simply planned to gift Shisui a few low ranked jutsu as he could thank him for his blood and improve his impression in the kid's mind at the same time.

" Hmm.. kid, why were you spying on me. You would have already been injured if it was someone else.. " Yami said in a neutral tone but it pressured Shisui and he felt fear.

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" Sorry big brother. I was curious because I saw someone other than an Uchiha in this training ground for the first time. Who are you ? "

Yami frowned for a second because he really could be held accountable if someone from the main Uchiha clan saw him here. " My name is Yami and I'm a genin , little kid. So won't you tell me your name now ? " Yami showed a warm smile as he pointed towards the head Protector he wore on his right arm instead.

Shisui became excited because he met a ninja not from Uchiha clan and he was so powerful. Even Uchiha genin cannot discover his presence when he tried to hide from them seriously. So Shisui wanted the big brother infront of him to teach him some tricks.

" My name is Uchiha Shisui. Big brother Yami, will you teach me some tricks please? "

Yami's heart shook because the fair skinned and pitch black big eyes kid was too cute. Yami could tell that Shisui was acting but who told him to be weak to little kids. Yami sighed and used Body Flicker to instantaneously arrive inside twenty meters away from the tree near a huge rock along with Shisui who wanted to puke because the high speed movement was too much for him..

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