18 Chapter 18

Yami was annoyed as hell in the next few days. The damn D rank mission were too ridiculous. Due to being war period, all the missions except D rank ones were stopped. This caused the D rank missions to become huge in number but there were less genin to complete them in the village.

Babysitting, trimming grass etc what the hell were these ? Yami wanted to smack Hokage's head because these were not tasks of a ninja. Ninja should be masters of infiltration, assasination etc . Yami was not the one to feel annoyed though because all the missions were done by his shadow clone actually with his team while Yami focused on his body training and lazing around.

This technique was broken because even byakugan was unable to differentiate between the real person and the shadow clone. Other clones incharge of fuinjutsu, wood style training and thinking of new NINJUTSU were busy with their own work. Yami's chakra capacity has increased by too much by using so many shadow clones everyday. The body limit was completely broken by the time he obtained sage body so his chakra reserves increased without encountering any bottlenecks. If Hashirama had trained like Yami from the time when he was young, then he would definitely have more of a monster.



STR - mid jonin

DEX - mid jonin

CHAKRA - low kage



Chakra control- 94/100%

Shadow Clone B rank - level max

Sensor S rank - level 9/10

Wood affinity - level max

Yin affinity - level max

Yang affinity - level max

Wind affinity- level max

Water affinity- level max

Earth affinity - level max

Fire affinity - level 7/10

Lightning affinity - level 4/10

Yami's improvement after obtaining Sage body and starting using the weight seal was enormous. His body healed automatic at fast rate now so when he used medical chakra , then even the most troublesome internal injuries were nothing. Now during normal times,Yami constantly maintained the weight seal at level 4 and increased the level to 12 while training his body.

His normal weight was 60kg now as his body mass has increased by a lot with his height. So after activating level 4 of his weight seal, his weight increases to 300 kg while at level 12 to 780 kg. This was the effect of only few months of training so Yami's body would definitely become insanely powerful in next few years.

His chakra was already at low kage level because of having sage body , senju blood , using shadow clones and of course training his body for at least nine hours per day. His appetite became too monstrous too so Yami copied Cooking skill from a chef at an old diner and decided to cook his own food most of the time. He trained in forest of death where there was no shortage of wild beasts or even chakra beasts. So Yami ate a lot of food three times a day.

His clone had asked Shikaku once that why was he inside the village training fresh genin when war was going on. Shikaku's answer was simple. He told him that the large scale battles only happened once or twice every few months so he could come back to village for one month this time. He also told something like genin were future of the village. Yami just ignored this part because he simply did not like idea to train future killers from small age.

This info spiked Yami's interest very much though because Uchiha Fugaku may return and maybe he could obtain some deed blood cells belonging to him. Even few blood stains on his ninja uniform would do the job for Yami because his system is simply too broken. One part which he had to awaken and train sharingan from the start did not annoy Yami because shadow clones were there to do the job from. Two broken abilities when combined were too awesome.

Today Yami was walking around the market area because he wanted to purchase some weapons created with chakra metal in them. The Uchiha clan compound was on the way so Yami decided to visit there first before the weapon shop. The treatment of Uchiha was not that bad yet because there was no extremely bad suspicion placed on them yet. Nine tails would attack few years later in future after all.

The guards at the main gate were haughty and rude but they still let Yami pass easily as he told them that he wanted to visit Obito. That kid was not liked by the main clansmen of Uchiha because of his happy go lucky nature but he was extremely liked by civilians because he helped them a lot on daily basis.

Yami could not care less about him though because he would attack Minato in future only because he got brainwashed by Madara and his crush got killed. Damn.. this crazy bastard actually waged war on the whole shinobi world because he wanted to spend more time with Rin in the world of dreams....

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