17 Chapter 17

" Tch.. why are you ignoring me Yami ?" Asuma asked Yami while looking at him with displeased expression.

" because you talk too much and I'm lazy to answer. I know you and Kurenai both like each other so talk with each other and dont bother me.." Yami replied with a bored face and he even started yawning.

Asuma and Kurenai both became stunned for a second before looking at their feet with flushed red faces.

Yami glanced at them and smiled because with this both of them would hook up faster and wont bother Yami much. The three of them soon arrived at Training grounds no7 which was just a small grass plain and dense forest.

Yami saw his sensei who had spiky hair and bored expression and could not help but feel a sense of kinship with him because he also liked to laze around in his time other than body training. Shikaku already had the trademark scar on his face so Yami guessed that he must have already faced some gruesome battles. So he immediately decided to check Shikaku's status before they reach near him.


STR - low jonin

DEX - low jonin

CHAKRA - mid jonin



Shadow manipulation jutsu C rank - level 8/10

Shadow neck strangle B rank - level max

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Yin affinity - level max

Shogi Battle tactics S rank - level 6/10




Yami felt a little disappointed with only three useful skills but he copied them anyway along with max Yin affinity which made him very happy. Suddenly Yami felt that something was wrong and frowned.

Few seconds later Yami was stunned as he was struck by a great relegation. He could actually copy bloodline jutsu too ? Before Yami copied Shikaku's skills without thinking much but now he realised that he was just being stupid when he did not copy bloodline jutsu from others before.

He was confused about this fact before when he tried to copy Obito's locked sharingan when he awoke on the first day in this world. How could he be so stupid? Of course special ocular skills like sharingan could not be copied because they required bloodline to activate but the jutsu were not so. He could use the jutsu as long as he had chakra and the required affinities but using them would just require more chakra as he did not have the special bloodlines.

Yami's peculiar behavior did not escape his new sensei and teammate's eyes because he was being too obvious. He was just standing there shivering for some reason and had a huge grin on his handsome face. Of course Yami would be happy because he realised his mistake and now could loot no copy special jutsu too which he had thought could not be copied before.

Hearing a loud cough, Yami broke from his stupor and could not help but blush little from embarrassment as he saw Shikaku looking at him. Yami immediately decided to focus on his new team matters first before pasting the new skills later when he is alone.

" Um.. sorry Sensei. I just remembered something great before and got distracted. Anyway my name is Nakamura Yami and I like to train my body while lazing around rest of the time. I dislike someone bothering me and especially when they are being annoying. "

Shikaku could not help but feel good as he found a little ninja who liked to laze around in his free time just like him. He completely forgot the fact that he had not even asked the three kids to start introducing themselves yet.

" Um.. sensei what should we do now? " Kurenai said with her cute voice in a low tone as she was confused by Yami's sudden introduction.

Yami again became embarrassed because he realised that he had spoken more than he should have before . This time he did not show on his face though .

" Kurenai san, I heard from someone before that we have to introduce our names and likes and dislikes to new sensei during first meeting ."

Shikaku interrupted " Hmm.. Yami , you also have to speak about your dreams for future."

Yami thought about it and realised that he had forgotten about it so . " Okay. Yes we had to do that too. My dream is to find a nice girl to marry and start a family with her. "

Kurenai blushed a little and looked at Asuma before quickly hiding her face with her palms. Asuma noticed this and his heart started beating faster too.

Shikaku became impressed with Yami as he felt that the kid had good brain in his head and was not greedy or arrogant.

" Well let me introduce myself now then. I'm Nara Shikaku.. I like to laze around and dislike long and bothersome missions. My dream is same as Yami there.. to start a family and laze around in future.."

Yami nodded because he agreed that men should have simple dreams and learn to feel lazy because training all the time is very taxing to the mind. Kurenai and Asuma also introduced themselves later and Yami was little impressed when Asuma said that his dream was to beat his old man in future.

Defeating Hokage was no small dream after all and Asuma said that with a serious face too. Kurenai's dream was simple, just to become a jonin like her father.

After chatting for few more minutes , Shikaku said that he wanted to learn their strong and weak points and overall strength. So he said to spar with him but to come at him with the intent to kill.

Yami was not doind this bothersome stuff by himself so he just excused himself by lying that he had to use bathroom and sent a shadow clone to show little ability to sensei. While the original Yami found a huge tree and sat under its shadow. He decided to paste the new skills in his STATUS and immediately commanded system to do so mentally..

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