16 Chapter 16

" Yami is looking so handsome today.."

" Stupid. Yami always looks handsome. I wonder why he does not talk to others though. "

" I don't know but he is a genius and handsome. So I really want to be his girlfriend. "

Yami just sighed because he could hear these girls speaking because of his super senses now. His sensor skill had advanced more after he completely got fused with the Sage body. His natural range was about 300m radius around himself and his chakra sensor skill range was already three kilometers radius around himself. It increased with him becoming stronger so Yami found this skill very useful.

Yami eyed some future main characters in his class with a bored expression as the teacher called the students to perform clone , transformation and substitution jutsu for the test.

Asuma was an arrogant character and Yami stayed away from him all the time. Well Hokage's son would naturally feel superior to others. His motive when he looks at Kurenai could not be more obvious though as he always had a slight blush on his face while stealing glances at her. Yami saw Kurenai noticing this and giggling many times so he guessed that she did not mind it either. She was really a future beauty because he black hair and crimson eyes along with her fair skin were too inciting features for boys. Yami did not pursue her though.

Obito's character was confusing for Yami because he always tried to impress Rin through some way but always failed and made a joke of himself . Rin always cared for him afterwards though. No wonder Obito fell for her at small age. Who did not want a caring , beautiful wife or girlfriend?

Yami's bored expression finally disappeared as sensei finally called him for the exam. Yami went and easily passed the test by performing all the three jutsu perfectly. Sensei was smiling as he was really satisfied with this talented civilian who was not arrogant like those clan members. Yami just massaged his forehead though as he returned to his seat though because the girls were loudly cheering for him which was seriously annoying.

After few hours the exam was over and Yami sighed in relief when sensei passed the forehead Protectors to the students who passed. Naturally not all of the thirty students passed because the graduation exam this time came too early than usual. Including Yami only nine students passed and obviously the future main characters of the story were among them too.

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Gai was shouting in happiness because he managed to pass even though he could not perform the three academy jutsu properly. Yami felt glad for him as he had passed solely based on his taijutsu which he refined from great hard work.

Like the story Obito and Rin were assigned to Team 7 and both of them went out of the classroom for training grounds 3 to meet Minato who must have come back using Flying Thunder God from the battlefield.

Yami became surprised because he did not expect to be in the same team as Hokage's son Asuma.

" Team 9 Sarutobi Asuma, Yuhi Kurenai and Nakamura Yami. Your jonin sensei is Nara Shikaku san. Brats , be respectful to him because Shikaku san is a very capable jonin of Konoha. "

Yami ignored sensei flashing him a smile because he was too surprised. He did not expect to be in same team as Hokage's son. Well he had known that Asuma would definitely be in the same team as Kurenai because he would definitely pester his great father to make it happen. The most unexpected fact was that his sensei was Nara Shikaku. Yami did not know whether to feel happy about this or not because Shikaku was too intelligent and he would definitely find it hard to hide his capabilities from his great sensei in future.

Yami shook his head and forced a little smile because he could not do anything to change what had happened already anyway...

( to be continued )

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