15 Chapter 15

After few hours , Yami looked at the white bandaged scary face bastsrd called Danzo from about seventy meters away . He looked scary especially with his x shaped scar on his chin. Yami felt more happiness though because this damned Danzo knew too many useful skills.


STR - mid Kage

DEX - mid kage

CHAKRA - high kage

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Loyalty seal A rank - level max

Vaccum Blade A rank - level max

Vaccum weapon coating B rank - level max

Edo tensei SS rank - level 1/ 10

Wood affinity(forced) - level 7/10

Wind Slicing Tornado S rank - level max

Mangekyo sharingan SS rank - level 2/ 10

Yami was a bit disappointed because Danzo did not have mastered any Wood style jutsu. Yami could not copy the uchiha bloodline or mangekyo sharingan either because they were in activate state. Yami wanted to scream with joy though when he discovered that his guess was correct and he could loot the dead Hashirama cells which were being forcefully activated by Danzo by injecting his chakra.

Yami immediately copied all the useful skills and Hashirama cells before walking away because he did not want Danzo to somehow notice him. Fortunately he had taken much distance so was worried for nothing.

Yami came back to the forest on top of Hokage mountain and immediately ordered system to paste all the good stuff copied from Danzo in his own Status.

This time the cooling sensation was intense because Yami could feel each of cells vibrating at fast pace. The vitality in them was increasing inside them at fast rate. After few seconds the cooling sensation faded away and Yami gained all the knowledge about the skills. But his cells were still transforming at a slower rate than before but it was still fast enough.

Yami immediately decided to his check his own STATUS to see the changes from before.



STR - high chunin 480+/500

DEX - high chunin 486+/500

CHAKRA - high chunin 495+/500

BLOODLINE - SENJU/ SAGE BODY ( transformation process complete 1.25%. Time remaining before completion - 3 days)

' Haha.. your father will get Sage Body in few days ! ' Yami thought and could not help but start laughing in joy.

After a while he calmed down a little and felt little embarrassed for his strange behavior. His smile could not be controlled though as he finally acquired pure senju bloodline, sage body and wood style. Now he could become stronger at much more faster pace than before. Yami immediately discarded the idea of early graduation because that would happen a few months later anyway. Now Yami wanted to train his body furiously in that time frame to gain great strength boost and of course gain enormous increase in chakra capacity too.

The skill like Flying Thunder God which are locked due to less chakra capacity would be activated then and he could use them freely.

Time started passing as Yami continued to train his body while his shadow clones increased in number day by day and started completing many tasks. Some clones practiced fuinjutsu while most of the others practiced various jutsu. Yami used some clones to practice wood style and create some of his own jutsu using imagination. His main motive from this was to increase the level of his wood affinity to max.

By the increased vitality, his body training routine experienced a huge change because it could handle way more stress than before. Yami continued to increase the weight to train his body. Using his fuinjutsu knowledge he created a weight seal few weeks later he got the wood style. The seal was advanced one because it had twenty levels to it.

Each level could change Yami's natural body weight by one time. The seal was easy to manipulate because Yami had great chakra control . Now his medical chakra had insane potency so Yami could heal his heavy internal injuries in seconds which would taken weeks of time to heal before he got the sage body.

Yami one day realised that he would have to practice Sage mode in future too. So he created more clones and ordered them to create new seal formulas which could help him to absorb natural energy easily. He wanted to meet Kushina and get her fuinjutsu knowledge but sadly he could not find her anywhere inside the village. In the end Yami gave up by thinking that she must have been sent to some battlefield too.

Yami wanted to copy pure Uchiha bloodline and paste it but he was helpless because almost all the Uchiha were fighting outside the village. The civilian Uchiha and few ninja had very impure bloodlines and Yami did not want to loot them.

Yami did not get depressed though because he saw Mikoto Uchiha one day in the market and she was already in the later stages of her pregnancy. This meant that Uchiha Itachi was going to be born soon and Yami could not wait to copy his bloodline. Itachi was too powerful in the anime so he should have pure Uchiha bloodline which was not worse than Sasuke.

Time passed like this and it was already time for graduation of Yami's class from academy. This time Yami himself came because he should at least attend the last class himself instead of sending a shadow clone. Today was the final exam and unlike other class mates Yami was bored because he knew that the test would have simple criteria. He just focused on thinking about his three man cell and the jonin sensei he would be assigned to.

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