14 Chapter 14

Unexpectedly War already started in few days after Yami copied the medical skills in his STATUS and started his heavy body training.

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Sunagakure's 3rd Kazskage disappeared and their mysterious 4th Kazekage declared war on Konoha blaming them for this matter without any proof. Konoha wanted to prove their innocence but were helpless so they could only grit their teeth and send forces to block Suna's assault on frontlines.

As expected Iwagakure also declared war few days later but only on Konoha. There was no open alliance between Iwa and Suna yet they did not attack each other's forces which was bad news for Konoha. Hokage sent Jiraya to deal with Suna and Minato went with him.

Hatake Sakumo was sent to Amegakure which had become the battlefield for three great villages instead. Sakumo and Ino Shika Cho trio were responsible to repel Iwa forces.

Orochimaru had not deflected yet so he was sent to the borders with Kumogakure to keep them in check. Danzo sent his Root forces to deal with Kirigakure. Kiri and Kumo had made no signs to participate in this war yet but Konoha knew that they were only waiting for the right opportunity to attack.

Yami was slightly surprised but didn't bother with this matter as his strength was nowhere near enough to do anything about it yet. Now two months have passed since Yami awoke in this world.

He continued to break his body limits the whole time so he became much stronger than before.



STR - high chunin

DEX - high chunin

CHAKRA - high chunin



Chakra control - 90/100%

Shadow Clone B rank - level max

Yami's chakra has stopped growing for few days now. He did not brood over it because from the medical knowledge inside his brain, Yami quickly found out that it was because his chakra growth was limited due to body age. This meant that future growth than this was impossible unless he gets another bloodline. Yami continued to train his body though because strength did not stop increasing by much.

By using shadow clones daily , Yami's chakra got exhausted and refilled so it increased while his shadow clone just was max level now. Yami continued to heal many inner parts of his body which were injured during his training so his chakra control increased a little too.

Yami's height also increased from 140cm to 165cm in these two months baffling others. He now looked no less taller than late teenagers except his face still showed some immaturity which was the only proof of his small real age.

Now Yami's chakra wont increase by further training in near future so he was thinking of applying for early graduation from academy. Only by getting through life and death battles will his limits forcefully break now. First Yami wanted to loot no copy on important thing which will transform his body greatly.

One day when Yami was walking towards the training ground , he encountered a Sarutobi child fighting with some brats who were in early years of academy . Yami was of course no interested in some kid's fight but he was shocked when he checked Sarutobi kid's status on a whim.


STR - mid academy student

DEX - mid academy student

CHAKRA - mid academy student


BODY STATUS - injured

Yami focused on copying the blood from the kid's injured shoulder and discovered that he could actually do that. Yami was stunned by this discovery because he could get bloodlines just like this from dead cells. Yami did not paste the kid's bloodline in his STATUS though because he did not want simple branch member's impure bloodline which would only give him limited benefits.

From that day , Yami's evaluation of his Op system became more Op. He also started sending one shadow clone daily near Hokage building to keep watch on the people entering inside Hokage building . Yami's target was Danzo. Precisely the dead Hashirama's cells on Danzo's body. Yami knew that the cautious Danzo would definitely approach Hokage who spent most of his time inside Hokage building

. Danzo was member of Elders Council so he naturally had to participate in important meetings.

Today in the afternoon when Yami was doing push ups while sweating heavily in the forest on top of Hokage mountain, he got influx of the memories of his shadow Clone which was responsible for keeping track of people entering inside Hokage building. Yami immediately stopped training and without claiming his breath started running for the Hokage building with a huge grin on his face. Damn that Danzo had finally entered inside the Hokage building with two of his minions. Yami could not wait to copy the Hashirama cells now...

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