13 Chapter 13

Rest of the day, Yami continued with his simple training plan. The pain from his muscles constantly tearing was almost non existent due to the S rank resistance skill looted no copied from Might Dai.

So he continued to break his body limits back to back until he collapsed from stamina exhaustion. The changes in his body after integration of Yin and yang affinities also sped up by many levels due to the hard work. When Yami collapsed , he medidated and ate some dango then again started training after recovering his stamina. His stamina recovery was ridiculously fast due to yang chakra that coursed through his body.. His appetite increased a lot though due to it.

After returning to his house , Yami was too tired to do anything else so after removing his training clothes , he collapsed on the soft bed and went to the land of dreams with a smile on his face. Even he himself realised from today's time spent that he was becoming training maniac and Yami did not mind it either because the feeling of becoming stronger was addicting to say the least.

Next morning Yami felt the changes in his body and his chakr capacity which was soon going to break through chunin level already. Yami created two shadow clones and ordered one of them to go and purchase chakra ink and other items which were required to create storage scrolls.

His knowledge of fuinjutsu was vast now after copying Minato's skill. So he wanted to use that to make easy money. The other clone was ordered to practice and improve his calligraphy because it was important for drawing symbols. Yami wanted to improve it fast because in the future he wanted to create many new and useful seals. Fuinjutsu was an amazing art as it depended heavily on what the user wanted to create. Yami had so many ideas inside his brain which he wanted to try out.

Chakra lost was completely refilled after half an hour of meditation which was again the passive effect of Yin and yang affinities. Yami immediately wore his heavy training clothes and went towards a small nearby restaurant to fill his stomach which was growling already. In the future his appetite would increase along with his strength. Yami knew this so he was having an headache.

Fortunately Yami had inventory which can store freshly cooked for unlimited amount of time. After eating three large servings of miso soup and rice , Yami orders ten more of the same and left after storing them stealthily inside his inventory with just a thought.

Yami created one more shadow clone and sent it to attend the academy classes in his place. Yami was too satisfied with this broken jutsu. Yami's next plan was to get medical ninjutsu skills from someone. He had yang chakra now which gave him good amount of vitality so combined with medical chakra, the healing speed would be fast. Yami's chakra control was more than enough to use medical ninjutsu more skillfully than most of the nin.

Thus Yami went to Konoha Hospital and reached there in just few minutes. The place was hectic and filled with patients. From the conversations Yami managed to get the info that some skirmishes have already started at various places near the border with Iwagakure. Yami remembered that Sunagakure started the war after disappearance of third Kazekage and other great villages started participating in the war later which cause its scale to become way larger.

Yami's luck was good as many veteran medical ninja were present. He only sat in the lobby of the ground floor with other patient families so nobody bothered with small kid like him. From time to time medical nin came but Yami did not find the right skills from any of them. Nobody of them had max level Mystical Palm jutsu which Yami wanted to loot no copy. Yami could not help but remember Tsunade. She was best medical nin in the world but it was a pity that she had left the village currently.

Soon Yami's thought process was broken but he was happy instead because he finally found a medical nin with decent skills.


STR - high chunin

DEX - high chunin

CHAKRA - low jonin



Medical ninjutsu A rank - level 6/ 10

Mystical Palm C rank - level max

Chakra scalpel C rank - level max




Yami immediately copied the three skills as he was not interested in learning others at all. Yami did not plan to become a medical ninja after all so he only needed Mystical palm jutsu which would help him convert his chakra into medical chakra easily. Chakra scalpel could be used for atacking and medical ninjutsu A rank would provide him good amount of knowledge. Yami left the hospital and went inside a dark small alley.

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After a while the cooling sensation once again came and Yami could not help but smile as the amount of knowledge inside his brain increased by a lot once again. Yami even gained skills to make nutrition and many other pills. This was important knowledge for Yami because he could use these pills in future to recover his stamina and chakra quickly.

With Yami's chakra control it was too easy for him to use Mystical palm skill at other parts of his body. So now he did not need to worry about internal injuries from heavy body training as they would be healed in seconds with medical chakra combined with his yang release chakra.

( to be continued )

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