12 Chapter 12

War was coming soon and many higher ups knew that but still not everyone in the village was notified yet. Yami just wanted to live his best and become stronger on the way. So he did not concern himself much about this matter.

After getting skills from Might Dai , he returned to his house which was just a small two storey house inside the market area. He did not plan to sell this house and the previous self had already sold the clothing shop of his parents to one of their trusted friends one year ago. Thus Yami had much money reserves in the Konoha bank. They could last him for a while without any problems.

In the morning, he woke up refreshed and quickly got ready for a new day. He still could not believe completely that he had reincarnated but slowly his way of thinking was changing to only about how to become stronger.

Yami went to a small ninja weapons store and could not help but marvel at the sight of so many different weapons. Kunai , shuriken , explosion tags , fuma shurikens, tanto, swords , katana etc. This was New to him so he had urge to buy them. He suppressed it though because his money reserves were limited and he wanted to use them for living and training. To save some money , Yami did not buy weight seals as they were more expensive than weight plates made of special metals. Yami bought special undershirt and pants which weighed 50 and 70 kg respectively.

After arriving at the same forest where he had met Minato yesterday, Yami wore the two new training clothes and immediately groaned from huge muscle tearing pain. Yami knew this but he was still extremely surprised when he felt his muscles repairing at extremely fast rate. This was due to yang affinity which made his body stronger and its self healing capabilities were top notch.

For body training no talent was needed as only hard work mattered. Yami had no need to specially train or practice other things like jutsu so he could use that time for body training too. Thus he immediately started with stretching his body which caused pain but the feeling of muscles healing at rapid pace was cooling instead. The ninja of Akimichi clan who did not train their bodies much were complete idiots in Yami's eyes now.

After only a few minutes of running , Yami collapsed on the ground and started panting . His current stamina was too low to practice this training method. Yami knew it beforehand but he was still very disappointed as he had thought that he could last for a little longer period of time. Yami calmed his breath and started thinking about some solutions which can help him right now.

Now Yami's thinking speed was even more faster than his past life so he thought of a plan in just few minutes. His plan was simple. Just find a guy who had developed pain resistance skill and loot no copy it from him. Yami had an urge to face palm himself because yesterday he wanted to escape from Dai before getting noticed so he did not read his STATUS properly. Of course as a guy who trained so hard and forcefully broke his body limits, Dai would definitely have developed pain resistance skill.

Yami felt very hungry but he did not wanted to waste time . So he started searching for Dai. The time it took to reach the small outskirts district from yesterday was more than half an hour because Yami simply walked there and at slower pace than normal at that.. To adapt to abnormal weight , Yami dad decided to keep it on all the times except sleeping at night. He had the level 8 yang affinity so this process would take much lesser time compared to others.

As expected, Dai was still practicing simple punching routine on a wooden log . Yami just watched him in silence and admired this guy's resilience. Unlike jutsu which can increase strenght by a lot when mastered, simple taijutsu techniques needed a lot of time and practice before they can make difference.


STR - low jonin

DEX - low jonin

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CHAKRA - low chunin








Pain resistance S rank - level 3 out of 10.

Yami was baffled because S rank pain resistance was too much . How much pain did this guy experience before he got this skill developed to S rank ? Yami could not even imagine nor that he wanted to because he was sure that he would just puke from the imagining process. Yami quickly copied the S rank skill and left the area with a thoughtful expression on his face. Now his mind had completely accepted that this world was not fiction nor were it's people. Dai suppressing his painful expression while training, left a great impression on him.

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